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  1. JCP SR

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    Jan 14, 2010
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    I am a few issues with the stock People address book, first after editing a contact it will not show in the All list any longer, there was no change in the group and others in the same group show up just fine. I have tried to delete the contact and adding it back but once it is gone I can not get to show back up. This does not happen every time edit just seems to happen with a few.

    Now the second issue is that I cannot find on what groups I want to show up. Like I want to see family and friends but I don't want to have to look through the sales reps every time. Is the a way to adjust this I have not found it yet.

    Third issue is one some of my contacts I have home, mobile, work and pager number, why does this program give me an option to message all these numbers is the a way to turn of text function on numbers that you cant text to?

    Please help


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