Issues with Carphone Warehouse. Looking to get new phone & contract w/Vodaphone

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  1. Ajay5489

    Ajay5489 Member

    So I have had my Htc evo 3d for around 6 months now.. one month ago my phones camera stopped working and the audio also went dead on my phone. i got the phone fixed from the shop i bought it from and than less than a week later i lost the audio on my phone again.. so i took the phone back to the shop once more.

    Instead of fixing it they said they would order me in a refurbished handset so a week later i went back to the store only to find out that the refirburbished phone was never odered due to a problem on their end... and they said they would order me in a new handset. and now a week later i have still heard no answer from them and i am still paying my contract.

    Would i anyway be able to get out of my contract and get a new contract with a new phone.. if so would i have to complain to the shop or to vodaphone? (which is what network i am on)

    Any help would be much appreciated

  2. Corpse11

    Corpse11 Well-Known Member

    by "shop" do you mean Sprint store? I would hope so, or else Sprint isn't going to offer you anything if you took it to another kind of "shop". Usually audio and camera going out is a software problem, most of the time factory resets will fix it. Very rarely is it a hardware problem, but it happens. If you took your phone to a Sprint store each time, they might offer you another phone again, maybe a different model if you're lucky (epic 4g touch sometimes) but I doubt they'll let you cancel your contract.
  3. Ajay5489

    Ajay5489 Member

    I live in the uk and it was to the carphone warehouse store where i bought the phone from
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    OPs concern is more about issues with customer service with Carphone warehouse and how this affects Vodaphone and is not asking questions about a particular handset. moved to Vodaphones forum.

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