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  1. phebert27

    phebert27 New Member

    Hello, I updated my HTC Inspire last night. I am having issues at this time with my contacts not displaying their names or pictures. All I get is the phone number, if I click that phone number it will show me the contact in the peoples app with names and picture, so I am trying to find out why this info worked fine prior to the 2.3.3 update and now no matter what troubleshooting steps I have taken it does not seem to correct the issue? Anyone have any ideas on this?

  2. phebert27

    phebert27 New Member

    Hey I just learned that by going into settings and deleting the facebook accounts that the problem above will be corrected.

    Go to settings
    go to account & sync
    scroll to any facebook related account and delete them
    restart your phone
    then resign back into facebook using the application, select your contact sync options then thats it. The pictures and names then upload correctly in a few moments and the problem is gone.

    Hope this helps someone!
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  3. onewei364

    onewei364 New Member

    nope that didnt fix the problem only some names show up when receiving a text
  4. emtelvis

    emtelvis New Member

    When I updated my phone when I recived my text also it only showes the number!!! Very annoying!!! any way to fix it?
  5. BigLuke77

    BigLuke77 New Member

    I know im not exactly shedding light to the subject here, but i too am facing that similar annoyance. Phone is fantastic but having contact names appear when i get a text after the update is hit and miss.
  6. droidbck

    droidbck New Member

    I am having the same problem since the update. Tried rebooting & clearing the cache but still only get the phone number on texts. This happens most of the time but some texts come over fine. Can anyone out there help?
  7. davep1983

    davep1983 New Member

    im also having the same problem along with contact pictures not showing up and when they do its not the picture i assigned it always reverts back to facebook pic
  8. mrivera

    mrivera New Member

    Ive found that if you go to your contacts/people widget or button, find the contact you wanted and edit their profile at the tab on the bottom of their info page. Its under "Options" then "Set default action"- set this to "Call Mobile". After doing so, the picture should show up and their name as well.
  9. andrews317

    andrews317 Well-Known Member

    I have my favorite contacts setted like that and I'm still having the same problem. It's not all the time, it's sort of random.
  10. RichterIX

    RichterIX Member

    Is there any punctuation in the phone numbers you're trying (hyphens, plus signs)? If there is, try taking it out and see if it works then.
  11. benji001

    benji001 New Member

    One way i fixed a couple contacts that i text daily is bringing up the contact page by clicking on the number, hit edit contact, save contact, restart phone. Thats one way..

    Another way that worked for a few contacts that i tried was this.. edit every contact and put a +1 in front of their number. That would be exactly how the number comes through on a text. Other than that who knows.

    By chance is there a way to de-grade? The phone worked great before this upgrade.
  12. JasonLund

    JasonLund New Member

    I too am having the same problem (sorry for not contributing much). I suppose its better than Messages sending to the wrong person...
  13. iceman21

    iceman21 New Member

    This is what a google search has shown me:

    Latest from HTC...kinda works:

    Thank you for your response.

    I apologize that the previous steps did not resolve your issue. I can suggest unlinking any contacts with SIM Contacts if possible. To do this, go to People>Menu>More>Linked Contacts>Uncheck any ones that are linked with the SIM Contacts. Once you have done this, delete the messaging thread with that contact, and then have that person send you a new message to see if the issue continues.

    If the name now links with the contact, please verify if it is linking with the SIM contact or another Contact Type I.E. Google, Phone, Facebook etc. If it is linking with SIM contacts, delete that contact and see if it will link with the other sources.

    If this does not work, are the Contacts that do no link in Messaging linked with any type of social networking service? If so, please unlink the Contacts and Remove the social account by going to Home>Menu>Settings>Accounts & Sync and see if the issue is resolved.

    I have found that is it is directly related to my Facebook contacts. It is really aggravating. I hope they come up with a fix very soon. The link from a Google contact to a Facebook contact gets stored, however, from what I can tell, the link from a Facebook contact to your Google contact does not happen. So when the person has the phone number stored in the Facebook account and then sends you a text message the text message comes through as +1XXXXXXXXXX and does not carry the connection to your linked contact because it pulls the FB contact first, which did not keep the connection to your actual contact on your phone.

    Make sense?
  14. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    I figured that one out as well worked great! Also Go SMS is great and always shows the names.
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  15. DonWalton

    DonWalton New Member

    I found the problem to be a more simple than anyone is the + in the number when receiving the text message. You have to add the + to all your contacts numbers. :D
  16. andrews317

    andrews317 Well-Known Member

    I tried that and it worked at once, so I thought I had solved my problem. But no, after a few messages I got the same problem with a + in the number. Go SMS solved it.
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  17. saintdanbert

    saintdanbert Well-Known Member

    The handset has access to at least three sets of contact details:
    1. the SIM card -- typically name+phone only
    2. the "phone" -- many more details than SIM
    3. Google(tm) -- whatever is available at the Gmail(tm) account you named when you did the phone setup (initially or after a hard reset)

    I have asked all sorts of people, including AT&T level 1 and 2 support, and HTC level 1 and 2 support, and all over the web. No one can tell me how any of the software decides which contact entry will appear in response to an inbound call or text or similar. I know that the telephone network sends a caller-id package to the handset prior to ringing the call through (voice or text). That package contains a ten-digit phone number. At this point, some application code must use that number to search and match contact data details. If there are more than one contact that match those digits, what gets displayed?

    "... we should not be surprised that software has defects ...
    ... more so, we should be surprised that it works at all ..."

    Same trouble here as others.
    ~~~ 0;-Dan
  18. TXGrunt

    TXGrunt Active Member

    none of these resolutions have fixed this problem for me...
  19. TXGrunt

    TXGrunt Active Member

    I noticed after the update that not only when I recieve txt and its just the number and not their name but also with the keyboard. While I am typing a txt and I misspell a word and I go to delete the word to correct, it goes into a delete conversation screen! When I cancle that screen the keyboard wont even come back up! So I have to leave the message app and come back in and then it will work. This is everytime I text...
  20. strickland

    strickland New Member

    Well I too have this problem and the easiest fix for a bit is taking the battery out for a few mins and replacing it. I no longer have a facebook so I know for a fact that is not the problem when I am having the same issues with no facebook. Maybe they will get it right on the next up date..but yes it is o so annoying to not have the name and then have to wonder who the hell it is...
  21. Salba

    Salba New Member

    I also have this problem and tried everything mention above..... worked for awhile and then went back to just showing numbers!! very annoying :confused:
  22. saintdanbert

    saintdanbert Well-Known Member

    I exported all of my contacts from Google, "phone" and "sim",
    the spent a huge amount of time to sort and fix things ... just so.
    I then blew away all contacts as seen at the phone. ( I had to leave
    the one that is "me.")

    At this point I restored all my contacts to "phone".
    I manually copied contacts to SIM.
    I let sync phone <--> Google happen however that works.

    I continue to have contacts that don't show correctly on inbound
    calls or messages.

    I continue to have contacts that dialer and people apps cannot find
    with a reasonable search string.

    I continue to have contacts whose attached photo image will detach
    or otherwise go away for unknown reasons.

    Folks, something is broken.
    ~~~ 0;-< Dan

    Android v2.3.3
    HTC Inspire 4G
  23. csoto2010

    csoto2010 Well-Known Member

    Just a suggestion, have you tried editing your personal profile as a contact? I was running into the same issue after the update. I found when I went to people selected myself right at the top and added a picture from that point onward everything was showing up as it should be. I never ran into the issue again.
  24. mack253

    mack253 New Member

    i only saw this on one site.....delete the app advanced task saved my phone and i did not have to do a reset at all!!!! for some reason they are not compatible....hope this helps! my phone was literally gone to freezing and shutting off...not getting calls, texts, not playing music NOTHING....deleted that app and now im back in business :)
  25. amchild00

    amchild00 New Member

    I have the same issue as the OP, I have found if I press my sync all widget it will fix the messages that I have already received, but does not fix it from happening again when a new person sends a message. I have not tried adding the +1 as suggested, simply because I don't format my contacts like that, sorry my ocd requires me to format them (###) ###-#### :)

    Mine never seems to lose picture or anything in calls just a problem during text messages. They do come across +1########## even those not linked with anything like FB accts or SIM. I keep all my contacts in my Gmail contacts, not on my phone or SIM.

    This is quite puzzling but then again I am no programmer, just simply a user! Just adding my 2 cents :)

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