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Issues with ICS to JB upgrade

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  1. fordag

    fordag Member

    Yesterday Samsung had me upgrade my Galaxy Rugby Pro to 4.1.1 to try and solve an issue with my battery dying overnight randomly once or twice a week.

    However the upgrade has caused some changes that I am not happy with and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do about them that I've missed searching settings.


    1. Under the quick pulldown screen I can turn on or off a number of things, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, etc.
    In ICS Mobile Data was one of the items I could quickly turn on or off, I believe it was next to Airplane Mode.
    Mobile Data is missing in that menu since the upgrade. Now I have to go into Settings>Data Useage

    2. Screen keyboard, Haptic Feedback and Keytones are both disabled in Sound under Settings.
    However when I use the screen keyboard I get key clicks and haptic feedback. I didn't when I had ICS.

    3. With ICS my contacts and the phone UI had a black background with white or grey text. I really liked that a lot.
    After upgrading to JB the background for both is now white with black text, though when actually on a call the phone ui goes back to a black background. Negative colors are not turned on btw. I'd like to go back to what it was. I can't find an option for this under Settings.

    Any help that you can offer will be appreciated.


    Galaxy Rugby Pro (AT&T)


    Android v.
    upgraded to 4.1.1

    Baseband v.
    was: I547UCLI3
    now: I547UCBLL1

    Kernal v.
    was: 3.0.8-1096249
    now: 3.0.31-656355



  2. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    I know you'll lose your apps and stuff but a factory reset would fix the issue regarding battery life
  3. fordag

    fordag Member

    Samsung just told me to do a factory reset to fix the haptic feedback and keytone issue as well.

    I was told that mobile data is no longer on the quick menu as of JB. Very frustrating.

    I was also told it's possible the background color changes in contacts and the phone are also a change in JB with no way back to 4.0.4. Again not happy about that.

    Ugh. I hate doing factory resets, they waste so much time getting everything back.
  4. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    When upgrading android be it over the air or custom ROM its highly recommended to factory reset. Sucks but it does work better afterwards

    Android 4.0 is a bit overwhelming at first (like when Windows 3.1 got upgraded to Windows 95) but its worth it and takes some getting used to however in the end you'll love it I promise.
  5. fordag

    fordag Member

    New issue I just noticed this evening, I can't surf the web. I get my email just fine but an error every time I try to go to any web page with Chrome. Also something that will be fixed with a hard reset?

  6. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    did you factory reset? if upgrading to any newer version there will likely be issues until you factory reset. either that or your APN settings got erased in the upgrade, i would bet it works fine in wifi, but only has this issue in cellular data only right?

    in my case, i used to get a lot of 'Process com.android.acore has stopped unexpectedly' errors and was forced to reset because of it
  7. fordag

    fordag Member

    Well I've performed a hard reset of my device.

    Unfortunately I'm still getting Haptic feedback and keytones when I use the on screen keyboard.
  8. fordag

    fordag Member

    Actually it was in both WiFi and Mobile Data that I was getting a browser error. After the reset I can now browse again.
  9. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    So I take it you already factory reset then? FYI You can disable haptic feedback and typing sounds by going to settings-->Language & input-->Android keyboard (settings icon is to the right of it, tap this) and a list of checkboxes will show with options such as haptic feedback and sound on key press, just uncheck those
  10. fordag

    fordag Member

    Thank you, thank you. That finally disabled the Haptic Feedback and keytones.

    Though I have to wonder why if I have Haptic Feedback and keytones turned off under sounds and under Power Saving, why bury another setting that leaves them active? There is a lot to be said for "One Ring to rule them all."
  11. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    The settings menu can be very overwhelming when you're used to Android GB. I still have to hunt for certain things in ICS/JB. I really preferred the organized single column layout in GB vs. the disjointed menu layout in later versions myself
  12. fordag

    fordag Member

    I never had GB I started with ICS and just upgraded to JB. So I'm a bit ahead of the curve, but the above is one example of a weird change. In ICS I turned off Haptic Feedback and keytones in one single menu item. Here in JB I've had to do it in multiple places.

    I find that small subtle changes like that are worse for me to adapt to than wide sweeping changes in menu structures.

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