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  1. pontiac38gm

    pontiac38gm New Member

    Hi, I've been searching for the answers to my problem with my t mobile my touch 4g. And can't seem to find any.
    First off the battery life is horrendous on this phone. I even bought a newer one...from anker (I believe that's how it's spelled) and.the new battery is even worse. My Samsung galaxy s lasted almost a whole day. This last about 1/2 the day.
    Then there's the signal. It drops out of nowhere. I noticed though that while on the phone it doesn't happen. And while on line, if its in 3g doesn't load up at all. When it's in edge mode or 4g's fine.
    What's really going on here, pleased help me out. It's been a good phone other than that ,though.

  2. pontiac38gm

    pontiac38gm New Member

    Anyone please?
  3. pontiac38gm

    pontiac38gm New Member

    So I kinda figured out a way to save battery life. I have to dim the display all the way down. I can get up to 10 hours. Sometimes it varies sometimes it last for about 10 hours other times 7 hours. But I'm still having an issue with the signal dropping and no internet, or text in 3g mode.

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