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  1. Vdub718

    Vdub718 Member

    So last week I was having issues with my phone turning off for no reason and freezing at start up. I did a factory reset deleted EVERY THING (really irritating) and started all over. Since then I haven't had any restart issues. NOW today I am having trouble with ...
    1. I type (in any app) and nothing shows up. Doesn't matter what keyboard I use and even if I uninstall non stock keyboard.
    2. If typing DOES decide to work and I send a text it takes forever to go through and sends duplicates.
    3. Also unable to dial out while having these issues. I can pull up a number in my phone book and press call and it does absolutely nothing.

    Restart will fix issues for a short time but then they come back. What is the deal!?

  2. James_Bond

    James_Bond Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a bug. You
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  3. Vdub718

    Vdub718 Member

    We'll see how it goes! Thank you.

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