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iSyncr? My device doesn't show in up in the isyncr tray?

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  1. Anroid-Newbie

    Anroid-Newbie Active Member

    Hello, I just bought iSyncr. I want to transfer my itunes library which as about 1300 songs. I want to do it via usb.

    I followed the tutorial for usb on my phone but, when I got to the part where it says "Once your device shows up in My Computer, you can right click on isyncr in the notification area and see your device" I get stuck.

    My device shows up in My Computer, but it doesn't show up in the notification area. WHAT DO I DO? I already paid for this product, I would be really dissapointed if it didn't work.

    My phone is the LG Motion 4g running ICS
    It has MTP instead of UMS.
    I don't want to sync via wifi.
    I do have the latest version for iSyncr, running Windows 7


    I also emailed the devoloper, but with no reply :(

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  2. SeaBreeze87

    SeaBreeze87 Member

    I'd be happy to help with getting your device to display properly in the system tray if you'd contact me at iSyncr@JRTStudio.com

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