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It looks like you have root

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  1. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

  2. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

  3. tadgerloks

    tadgerloks New Member

    Confirmed working____^
  4. stingerisback

    stingerisback New Member

    I can confirm the exploit worked on my phone using superuser. Root checker and titanium backup removing bloat system apps.
  5. JediSamReye

    JediSamReye Well-Known Member

    I have a quick question, do you know if this would work with the jelly bean update that leaked?
  6. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    Yes it does work on jb. I had to change out the superuser apk and superuser binary file inside the root program before root would be successful.
  7. RicKaysen

    RicKaysen Well-Known Member

    While I'm fairly competent with computers, rooting causes me concern and I don't fully understand the terms. Could you please expand on what you said here?

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