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  1. me2

    me2 New Member

    I was viewing a downloaded video file when my DEXT simply STOPPED.

    All I can get now is the white screen with the Motorola symbole, like when starting up, but it stays like this permanently (well I waited 2 hrs) even after removing and re-inserting the battery. When I plug into the USB port windows tells me "Unrecognised USB device".

    Has anybody else experianced this and are there any solutions?

  2. me2

    me2 New Member

    Some progress.

    The fault is related to the temperature of the phone.

    Whist on charge the charging process raises the temperature to (i guess) above its operating limit and it simply stops. Let it cool down and it will work OK again.

    However, use the phone for a protracted period (eg about 1/2 hr) will also raise the temperature and so again the phone stops.

    This is clearly a design fault.:mad:

    Is it in any way related to battery life? I don't know. My battery is now about 9mths old.

    Any comments please....

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