It will only get better.

  1. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    So sitting here in a new cafe I am checking out and I get 4G here. Very nice.

    So realize it only gets better from here. Sprint will continue to build out 4G. Today is the worst we will ever have it. Tomorrow, the next day, and every day after, our service will just keep getting better.

    So frustrated sometimes? Just try and remember that.

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  2. powerbyte

    powerbyte New Member

    Feel the flow....positive energy... :)
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  3. missy brown

    missy brown Well-Known Member

    this is so true i love my evo
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  4. coolguy949

    coolguy949 Well-Known Member

    Do you think once we have blanketed 4G coverage the battery life will be better on it? That's my only fear. I will still have to use 3G if I care about battery life. I'm hoping it mostly sucks the battery because the coverage is weak.
  5. maverick96

    maverick96 Well-Known Member

    Not to put a dark cloud on the day BUT Sprint will never actually blanket with wimax as they have clearly stated that LTE is where its at in terms of 4G. So essentially the Evo will become a thing of the past once Sprint decides they are moving to LTE and they will.. Remember Verizon is launching LTE very soon as will AT&T(just not as soon) There will not be a lot of handset makers making innovative handsets for wimax, most will be geared for LTE. I think Wimax was a rushed effort on Sprints part just to say it got a jump on 4G when realistically the speeds are barely more than 3G in real world. Not to mention having 4G turned on zaps the battery almost instantly making the device useless. While the Evo is a nice looking device the horrid battery life and the fact that you have to have half the features turned off just to get half a day battery is not very appealing.... (Not stating this as fact but merely my observations as an Evo owner....)
  6. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    I have been using 4G for an hour and battary life is good. So yes. Only issue with 4G is searching for network. Only turn it on when I know I have signal. But using it with a good signal is at least as good as 3G.
  7. maverick96

    maverick96 Well-Known Member

    With a good signal it is better than 3G, not by a lot like Sprint has claimed but it is faster...
  8. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Well-Known Member

    Maverick, where did Sprint say they were going with LTE????
  9. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    Speed test right now...

    3G - 0.40 Mbps
    4G - 2.33 Mbps

    Try again....
  10. maverick96

    maverick96 Well-Known Member

    Yeah and 2.33 is no where near claimed speeds.... Not even close... Basically thats a 3G speed... WOW your 3G speed is abysmal :eek:
  11. eieio

    eieio Well-Known Member

    "The architecture of our network is designed to be able to add on LTE should we need to," Morrow said. "We can sunset one technology going forward if we need to in the future."
  12. maverick96

    maverick96 Well-Known Member

    You can count on that happening sooner rather than later... So what do you think that means for wimax handsets in the future? As well as wimax support or growth? Especially if they are already considering moving to LTE?
  13. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    You know, you also make posts on the Incredible forum trashing that phone too.

    Just pathetic. Anyone else, I suggest you read through the above poster's posts, his agenda here is obvious.
  14. eieio

    eieio Well-Known Member

    Nothing.. Wimax coverage will continue to grow and probably have the largest coverage of any network..

    They will continue to build out the network, update the equipment and implement the software changes to receive peak speeds.

    Intel will continue to manufacture chips and install them in every day electronics and utilize the wimax network..

    Wimax will continue to grow around the world and eventually have roaming partnerships.

    Wimax is cheaper and easier to install so its adoption rate will continue to grow..

    Sprint will eventually turn to LTE and run it along side wimax. LTE is about 3-5 years of being a player in the market imagine where the wimax build out will be by then.

    The clear wire partnerships will continue to grow and there will be coverage in areas in America than even ATT and Verizon will not have it..

    Verizon is trying to solve the LTE rural coverage by forming LTE partnerships but no one wants to play ball with them in the rural areas..
  15. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    This SS was taken yesterday:

    This was taken last wednesday:

    The 2nd picture got a lot of laughs from my friend who has a Motorola Clique from T-Mobile. He pointed out that his 3G is 2 times faster than my 4G... Suffice to say, I was terribly embarrassed.:p
  16. ShawnN

    ShawnN Member

    The problem as others have mentioned is that our battery life on 4G is crap. Also people are having major problems with the 4G radio, they cannot pick up signals where their 4G data cards pick up signals easily. I couldn't pick up a signal from the top of Caeser's Palace, an area that should be blanketed with coverage.

    Until these two problems are fixed (I hope they can be fixed) the 4G feature on our phones isn't very useful IMHO.
  17. Dutch54

    Dutch54 Well-Known Member

    "Not to put a dark cloud on the day...but oh what the hell why dont I do exactly that anyways....."

    I love my phone, nothings wrong with the build, I bought it knowing it takes a lot of power and I accept that as part of ownership.

    I'm enjoying learning how Android works and it's fun discovering things.

    Gonna go send a message to my friend right now :)
  18. taylor7667

    taylor7667 Active Member

    I just want to say this regarding the future of EVO and WiMax:

    I've noticed from following this and other 4G related forums that we (including me) were all excited about this phone because of its potential...that included the awesome specs as well as it being the first 4G phone. We all knew there would be potential problems with the new 4G technology going in and we went in anyway. I would also venture to say that we all will be looking forward to how the technology progresses and will be very willing to upgrade next year as Sprint will allow us to do.

    I, for one, absolutely love this phone even with its limited 4G. I will happily upgrade next year, because that's just what I do. Just my 2 cents.
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  19. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    LOL, my plan exactly. Always pay on time and Sprint gives me an upgrade every year.

    For now, I will love this phone, know I have 4G at my new cafe where I spend most of my *phone* time, and look forward to better and better coverage.

    If it does turn out that next years phone is LTE, what does that mean today.

    Again. Whole point if this thread is just to remind folks it will only get better.
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  20. Dutch54

    Dutch54 Well-Known Member

  21. maverick96

    maverick96 Well-Known Member

    Settle down there buddy... Don't get your panties in a bunch over what I post, there are more important things in life... What I have posted in this thread is not meant to be construed as fact. Look at the speed test posted in this very thread while on 4G... Thats seems to be the general consensus throughout, dont get angry at me for the Evo's shortcomings. The Evo is a very nicely built phone (except for the light leakage and screen lifting) BUT there is no denying the battery plain sucks!!! What is the point of having all the cool features in a phone if they have to be shut off all the time just to get some battery life? That doesn't sound to cool or innovative to me...
  22. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    I am just pointing out for folks that all you have seem to done here on Android Forums is trash the Evo AND the incredible. Will leave to other folks to draw their own conclusions.
  23. eieio

    eieio Well-Known Member

    90% of the speedtest taken will produce an inaccurate results when testing using Wimax..

    They are based on the users IP address, Wimax does not assign the device a local IP address yet, Even if you choose a local server the test will be incorrect..
  24. maverick96

    maverick96 Well-Known Member

    The point of this forum and any of the others is to not only point out the positives but also the negatives of a device as to provide anyone visiting these forums with as much information as possible so that they can make a decision before spending their hard earned money buying a device with only "fanboy" feedback. The Evo's shortcomings and me pointing them out obviously upset you and thats ok because educated discussion is what its all about. I as well as you both own the Evo and we both have different opinions of the device, which is great! It would be terribly boring if everyone was a fanboy now wouldn't it?

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