Support Italy - Mobile provider WIND/TIM - Unable to update to froyo 2.2 :| Any suggestions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lov3som3, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. lov3som3

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    Nov 24, 2010
    I am from Italy and own a samsung i9000 s ..bought from a wind shop ( but unlocked to all networks ). When I enter Kies and try to do an update it says that I already have the latest version. I checked and mine is Eclair 2.1 .
    I was wondering if anybody know if WIND have the release of froyo 2.2 available on their network. I am moving my number to TIM mobile operator tomorrow anyway. Maybe some ideeas on that?

    I would really really like to upgrade as I have heard that Froyo really works alot better on sgs . Really now...but for a phone that I have paied 550 euros...I expect no lag...and better start time of apps...and well alot of stuff. If that doesn't happent I'll just ask for my money back and go for the Iphone 4... not really what I want...but my Iphone 3gs was performing better than this newer ...faster ( 1ghz..and 512 ram ) Samsung Galaxy S.

    SO PLEASE do cooment and let me know about what you think.

    P>S> I'm a newbie to ANdroid so be kind ;)

  2. ayongkot

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    Jul 28, 2010
    venezia, italy
    i also lived here in italy but i bought my sgs in germany (open line, i'm on 3 network). i did not use kies to update to froyo because i could not wait and since there are problems with kies. i use odin following the instructions on this site Use Odin To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 To Android 2.2 Froyo

    good luck

    p.s. you should do a factory reset after the update.
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  3. lov3som3

    lov3som3 New Member

    Nov 24, 2010

    I am going to go to the WIND shop tomorrow and return it. I hope they won't make it difficut... I've heard Italy is not the best place to get your money back for something you bought - cool countries like UK I 've never had a problem returning products in their 14 day money back ( international ) guarantee.

    I would just switch for an Iphone 4 ..but they don't sell it :| dooohh... bummer. Or the HTC DESIRE HD ..but I think that's only on 3 ( tre ) network.

    Anyway...thanks for the link..and advice...and... I'll be posting back here tomorrow and tell you how it went.


    good evening all

    So i went to the store and as I expected they wouldn't return the money nor did they wanted to offer me an exchange with another phone. The "only" possible way , said the store manager, was to give me half of its value ( after 3 days of usage and 15 minutes of talk time ) and that's about it.
    So i kept it...and hope I will find a way to cope with it...maybe samsung fixes this lag...etc...
    I;m going to upgrade it to 2.2 tonight...apply some lag fixes..who knows.. maybe it's going to work.

    What have I learned from this story?

    * Never buy phones from Italy again * , they have a long way to go until customer relations achieves the degree it has in the United KIngdom.

    Thank you for your help. This topic can be closed now. Thx

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