iTavli - Three backgammon games [Free]

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  1. Vasilis7

    Vasilis7 Member

    Hello everybody,

    I am really excited to announce my first Android application, "iTavli - Three backgammon like games", which is a board game. If you are familiar with the backgammon game, you will love the other two games: blockgammon (or plakoto) and narde (or fevga).

    The difference between these two games and the backgammon game, is that in the blockgammon game you block your opponent's single checker when you land on it, and in the narde game you can land your checkers in open or friendly occupied places.

    More importantly you may play an online game with other players from all over the world. Since this app also runs on iPhone and iPad, you may play against your friends who own of these two devices.

    Requires Android 4.0 (Although it is in my plans to make it run on smaller versions too)

    You may download it at Google Play

  2. Vasilis7

    Vasilis7 Member

    Here are a screenshot of each game layout

    Portes - Backgammon

    Plakoto - Blockgammon

    Fevga - Narde
  3. Vasilis7

    Vasilis7 Member

    iTavli Android version 1.8 is available on the Google Play

    New features:
    - Statistics for the online games
    - Larger board
    - Control the speed of the chips motion, and the dice animation
  4. Vasilis7

    Vasilis7 Member

    iTavli Android version 2.0 is ready for download

    New features:

    - Runs on Android 2.3 and higher
    - Select the board layout: Left (default) or right
    - Undo your final move. If you play an online game, please use this feature only if your opponent runs version 2.0 (Android) or version 3.0 (iOS)
  5. agringo

    agringo New Member

    not bad but seems graphics could be better
  6. Vasilis7

    Vasilis7 Member

    I am not going to argue with you on this one, I tried to design something similar to have in the iOS version, but the result is not that good
  7. Vasilis7

    Vasilis7 Member

    iTavli Android version 2.9 will soon be available for download

    New Features:
    - A new UI that is almost similar to the one for the iOS device.
    - Play all games for free, with ads. The trial period is no longer in effect.
    - Swipe the screen to the left or right to change the settings or play an online game.
    - Swipe the screen far right to see the online statistics.
    - During the game you roll the dice by tapping on the image of the highlighted player.

    Fixed the issue with the tournament mode
  8. Vasilis7

    Vasilis7 Member

    iTavli version 3.0 is ready for download

    New features:

    - New UI for tablets
    - Minor enhancements in the UI for smartphones
    - A player can resign an online game
    - Bug fixes

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