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  1. mpnutty

    mpnutty Well-Known Member

    Newbie here so i apologize...Been trying to install ROM's using ROM manager and ROM toolbox. When I go to install a ROM it reboots to install as usual but as the status meter under the phone icon gets almost half way a big red "?" appears over the phone icon. Then the phone boots up back as it was before. Did the ROM install?
    Please help, been goin at this all day

  2. riggerman0421

    riggerman0421 Well-Known Member

    Do not use Rom Manager. Install through recovery and make you flash the boot.img through fastboot.
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  3. mpnutty

    mpnutty Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply....Maybe I I misunderstood. I went to fastboot it could not find .img I selected recovery and got the "!" inside a triangle.
  4. mpnutty

    mpnutty Well-Known Member

    Should I Reroot?
    Someone please help!!!
    I have run Linux chroot, would that funk it up?
  5. strtj

    strtj Member

    Whoa, what? Running chroot is very different than regular rooting of a phone. I could well imagine that it would cause problems if you did it to a running phone. Fortunately, as I think you've discovered, the problems won't persist past a reboot. In any case, I think this might be a more appropriate question for the "all things root" subforum.
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