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  1. Electraglider

    Electraglider Member

    I have finally jumped into the Android pond and I am starting with the MyTouch 4G. I don't have it yet but it's "in the mail". However, I should be getting it in the next day or two.

    Right now I have an iPod touch and I love the technology. I know the Android device won't be as integrated with the software and hardware as the iPod is but I look forward to the broader options. I realize too that with the thousands of apps. out there there are really only a handful I will find useful. That has also been true of the iPod.

    I guess the motivating reason I am going with an Android phone is that I would like to combine the functionality of the iPod with the phone. Which of course is the whole point of a smartphone. And I am already a T-mobile customer. I won't be getting a data plan as I haven't got one now and I don't anticipate changing my habits. I can use the wi-fi when it is available otherwise not.

    Okay, the reason I am posting now and in this forum is because I have been reading the posts that started it all from before the MT4G was released until now. It was very interesting to see how soon some of those early adopters went from loving their new phone to having issues with them. I haven't had a lot of smartphones, in fact up till now nary a one. However, i have been doing a lot of reading on this and other forums and have come to the conclusion that there isn't a perfect smartphone out there. Not even the Holy Grail of smartphones the iPhone is perfect for everyone.

    As I said, I have already purchased the MT4G and I fully expect there will be aspects of it that I find less than perfect. Not the least of which will be the battery life. I shall adjust my use of it accordingly. I have read in this forum how certain users consider the phone to be the "worst piece of Junk they have ever owned" and others who just love it and would push their mother in front of a train before they would let it get hit with a raindrop. My question, and I understand the answer to this may be moot since I have already purchased the phone, how many people who bought the phone back in 2010 when it first came out are still happy with it and would recommend it to friends and family? Or conversely, how many would recommend it to their worst enemy? Also, how many who still have the phone have rooted or rooted and flashed a custom rom to the phone and do you prefer the custom rom or the stock?

    I've noticed that this forum hasn't had a lot of activity lately and I wonder if that means people are migrating away from the MyTouch.

  2. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    My first smart phone was a myTouch3G purchased on eBay. I liked it well enough that I bought two more on Craig's List for my wife and older son. The three of us are on a family plan with data but no texting.
    T-Mobile called one day to see if they could sell me anything. ;) I told the fellow that I would love to have a phone that was roughly the same size but with more power and more memory. He suggested the myTouch 4G and told me I could replace all three of our phones with refurbished 4Gs for $50 each - obviously with a new two-year commitment. That did not bother me, as we were satisfied with T-Mobile and did not plan to give up our smart phones.
    Of the three 4Gs that we got, one was faulty and had to be replaced. Other than that, they have been trouble-free. Battery life is a bit of an issue, but not so much that we can't live with it. We have a car charger in each car and keep an AC charger plugged in and ready to use at home. I do have JuiceDefender installed on my phone because we use it as our home phone connected via BlueTooth to a PhoneLabs Dock n Talk. I have noticed that when we are traveling and I turn off BlueTooth, my battery life improves.
    I have a variety of apps installed on my phone, but there are several I use more frequently.
    Aldiko is an eBook reader I have used to read quite a number of books.
    CamScanner uses the camera to scan documents which it crops automatically and converts to PDFs. It has allowed me to avoid the cost of replacing a scanner that died.
    I have an English - Italian translator that comes in very handy.
    I use MortPlayer to play an extensive collection of music.
    I have a Schwab app that allows me to deposit checks into my brokerage account electronically. I can then transfer the funds to my checking accoung without ever going to the bank.
    SmartAss is a shopping list app that I use weekly when we do our grocery shopping.
    I have the Starbucks app installed so I can pay with my phone and not have to carry my Starbucks card.
    I use vizBattery to give me an on-screen display of battery charge.
    I have used my 4G for Wi-Fi calling and have also used the mobile hotspot feature when we were staying in a hotel that either did not offer a Wi-Fi connection or wanted to charge for it. We have connected both our laptops to the phone and browsed at leisure. We do use our data plan and find it very convenient when we are out and about.
    To sum it up, we are very satisfied with our 4Gs and have no plans to replace them. The size is ideal for us and performance meets all our needs. Oh by the way, when we got our 4Gs I sold all three of our 3Gs on Craig's List for about what we paid for them. :D
  3. Electraglider

    Electraglider Member

    So have you rooted or otherwise made any modifications to any of your phones?
  4. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    No. One of my 3Gs was rooted when I bought it. As I understand it, if the phone is rooted it will not receive OTA updates of the Android OS. I would not want to create that restriction. The only thing unusual about my phone is that I have a 16GB SD card in it, rather than an 8GB card. I did that so that I would have plenty of room for music, books, and photos.
    I see too many posts from people who have modified their phone and run into problems and can no longer call on T-Mobile for help.
  5. 1BlinkGone

    1BlinkGone Well-Known Member

    We've had our MT4G's for 11 mos. I hated mine when I first got it. ( I came from BlackBerry 8700g and a 8320 Curve). Aside from not having hard buttons for a keyboard, there were numerous other issues with 2.2 Froyo, that I'm sure you've heard plenty about & I won't belabor here.

    The upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.4 fixed a number of those issues, but still wasn't without bugs. The newest 2.32.531.1 Software Version release has seemed to have fixed more bugs still.

    What I find amazing is the same thing that can be said for Android phones, can be said for Windows PC's- it's not the hardware that's the problem, it's the OS. HTC makes a great phone, IMHO, as far as the hardware is concerned. But the Android OS is getting better as it matures; and I'm optimistic about Android 4.0 (IceCreamSandwich).

    Neither of our phones are rooted; but we are hoping for either a root solution for GB, or option with ICS. I want to dump all this crap that came with the phone that I don't want; but don't want to revert back to 2.2 to make it happen. Too much hassle.

    Having said that, I have no respect for Android due to Eric Schmidt's behavior in developing an iOS ripoff right under Steve Job's nose, while on Apple's Board of Directors. Android may have marketshare at the moment, but ultimately, Android is an iOS wannabe & ripoff. That is the truth whether we like it or not.

    I'll take the real thing. I'll keep my android until iPhone 5 comes out, and then it's sayonara, Android. In the meantime, I'm looking for a nice little pocket keyboard with real keys.
  6. Texter

    Texter Well-Known Member

    I bought mine about a year ago on craigslist and love it. I bought one for my wife off craigslist this summer and she loves hers too.
  7. Texter

    Texter Well-Known Member

    I like to wait until a phone has been around awhile before I buy. Case in point, look at all the issues with the Samsung phones and gps not working. Even the mighty iPhone had antenna issues that didn't surface right away. Most reviews of the mt4g have been great. Sure some people have issues and they let you know about them more than somebody who doesn't. Enjoy your phone.

    Oh yes, and be careful not to drop it. The suckers are slippery and heavy. I bought a TPU slim case off eBay and it is great too.
  8. droidroids

    droidroids New Member

    I miss my my touch 4g it was an awesome phone. I got on sprint cause I was tired of tmobile lowering my data now I have truly unlimited. Never thought I'd get an iPhone tho D:

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