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It's normal or uPnormal o.OSupport

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  1. Ewanmohsen

    Ewanmohsen New Member

    I have a problem wid my Optimus black ... I think this problem not with me only it's with most of ppl who used Optimus black .. I think :)
    I have my battery dunnt live long time :(( .. I bought LG Optimus black and always when I charged the phone 100% I go to sleep an, when I wake up after 6h I see the battery less than 70 % whyyyy?! :(
    I went to repair shop and them told me tht prob from software and them will fix it when update a new software I said okay .. After week I went to take my phone nd them told me it's normal now and we fixed it . But when I use it again , saw the phone still have problem ??

    Any,help please :( tht problem from phone !! Or from battery or from charger or from whatt :(( and how I fix it plzz

  2. GreenMuse

    GreenMuse Member

    Maybe you could download a task killer or battery saver app?
    It's free in the market.
    I've used "Easy task killer" "Easy battery saver" and "advanced task manager". At the moment I'm using the last 2 and my battery holds up for 2 days now with normal use (no excessive wifi etc)
  3. anranga

    anranga Member

    Many threads mentioning the same problem. Swcith off 3g/GPS, reduce brightness. Install JuiceDefender

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