It's not a bad phone.

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  1. korywiesner

    korywiesner Member

    One thing really bothers me about this phone.......

    All the people bitching and screaming about it. Really......seriously look at what you are holding......what did you pay for it? Look at the apps you get...look at all the crap you can do with it. Seriously, look at your return on investment. For the little bit (Unless you got hosed) of $$$ you paid for the device look at what you can do. Wifi, GPS, BT, Wifi Tether, Media Player, Camcorder, Camera, Chatting, Social Media and a whole host of other stuff. All with apps that cost you NOTHING. Not to mention A PHONE!

    So Samsung lied and dropped the ball. They promised you that the filling in your twinkie would turn to chocolate eventually. It's not gonna happen. Either get over it or seek retribution. Retribution is NOT BUYING ANOTHER SAMSUNG PHONE (Not filling up perfectly good forums with garbage). Personally, I just bought their Gravity 3 for my wife and she loves it. Yes, after getting the behold and seeing that they chose $$$$ over a promise made on a 20 second ad a year ago.

    Plus, it is a cool looking phone! There are so many guys here that have developed apps and ROM's and whatever else who deserve your praise for their tireless efforts and many hours to take a piece of bologna and turn it into a steak (Maybe not a porterhouse but at least a good sirloin).

    So stop your bitching and start your thanking. (There should be an app for that)

    Just my .02

  2. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

  3. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Spiz is that you? :confused:
  4. psz

    psz Well-Known Member

    Spiz was over on the Vibrant forums with BH_Man, myself and others, last I saw him.
  5. djquick

    djquick Well-Known Member

    I'll be over there in a day or two.
  6. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    You're missing the point of why a lot of people are complaining. B/c they signed a 2 year contract & paid around 200-300 and was told that it would be updated to 2.x so it could handle more advanced apps/more apps available.

    If you bought the phone after everything went down you probably paid between 100-200 with no contract or got it free with a contract and then you have no room to complain.

  7. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    Who are you? ... the Samsung damage control rep.
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  8. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    Hell no. I was just saying that people have a valid reason for hating Samsung & the phone. If I didn't get my phone for free I would be pissed how they promised a 2.1 update and failed to deliver.
  9. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    I got my phone for "free" but feel I still had a reason to complain because I was still paying $30 for data every month to have a version of android nobody was making apps for anymore.

    If you were a movie buff and all of the movie theatres in your city always showed the same movies and never had new ones you would be mad even though you did not pay to build them and I bet you would refuse to pay the $10 to go see any of them.
  10. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    o.0 They still make apps for 1.6 & I don't have a data plan so.... IDK what to say other than I'm happy to get a phone for free.
  11. grennis

    grennis Well-Known Member

    I got the phone "free" only if you think getting locked in to another 2 years is free. I am not happy.
  12. psz

    psz Well-Known Member

    Most apps are still written for 1.6+ (I know of at LEAST one app that will NOT run on 2.x+, but WILL run on 1.5/1.6).

    As for the data plan, the Behold II and the Nexus One both have/had 3G connectivity on a regular $6 or $10 internet plan. No Android Data Plan required (Regardless of what T-Mobile told you)

    (The Vibrant? Not so much :p)
  13. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Well I dumped mine on Gazelle while it was still on Cupcake.

    Then dumped the Cliq for the same reason, and it is still on cupcake to this day.
  14. deadinside

    deadinside Well-Known Member

    ok, you really missed the point about our complaints on it.

    When I was in T-mobile store considering this phone, I was assured I was not going to buy outdated technology and thats what happened.

    The 1.6 update caused more issues than it fixed. Me and a Co-worker with a behold 2 with 1.6 are having major issues with the phone. Reboots, freezes, getting stuck on calls we cannot hang up on and many more issues.

    Mine is rooted and his is on Stock 1.6, so it's safe to say that the rooting is not the cause of my issues.

    I am thankful that t-mobile dropped the ball yet again for me and did not update my contract when I bought the phone. My contract expired and I am now a Verizon customer as of this month. As far as what I spent on my phone? Since I was no where near time to renew at a good discounted price I paid $370 for my phone. What did I get in return? them jacking it up with the last update, that I waited patiently for.

    I refused to have my phone replaced with another behold running 1.5 because of certain google apps that I was wanting to have that only worked on 1.6 or higher. One of them was the updated maps app. 1.5 version does not let you view the details of bus routes and what time and what buses are running at a certain stop.

    To me this was the deal breaker since I work downtown and taking a bus is cheaper than parking daily downtown.

    Sure, I can revert to back 1.5 or completely replace the 1.6 with BH_Mans build. The real question is, should Behold users void their warranty because Samsung failed to deliver as promised?

    I am willing to bet that when you mentioned the money part of it, is that you got the phone after the whole "We will give you 1.6, but thats all" fiasco of Samsung. T-Mobile dropped the price of this phone drastically to ditch the existing stock.
  15. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    With respect, I submit that signing a contract to get a phone is NEVER a good idea. The phone companies (at least, the American ones) will always screw us over for the hardware. It's never worth anywhere NEAR what we end up paying for it. Always buy something with no strings attached. Doing anything else is just bad news.

    Look at it like this: you made a promise in exchange for a promise. But they can break their promise without getting screwed, and you can't. Don't make a promise, and you can do whatever the hell you want! (I bought mine off of ebay, in case you couldn't tell). I, too, understand the complaints, but I still love this phone. Yes, it has a laundry list of problems...but so do I, and my girlfriend loves me anyway.

    Maybe I like technology too much, that was a creepy comparison...:rolleyes:
  16. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    If you don't make any promise to the phone company you are forced to buy the phone at full MSRP thus the company that is actually screwing you still makes their cut it is just 100% out of your pocket. You're just not taking the middleman's (t-mobile) discount in exchange for a commitment.
  17. korywiesner

    korywiesner Member

    When the phone came out it was not widely advertised as going to have 2.X. They got specific one time.....that is really it. Who you should blame is T-Mobile if that is your gripe. The reps there are the ones that sold that specific promise (Lie). I was terribly pissed when I couldn't tether my Behold 1 to a laptop for internet.....I was lied to about that. It is the last phone I bought for myself in a retail store. I hate going into the store.........The reps seem like they were selling blue jeans or flipping burgers the week before. I honestly completely would rather go to Verizon (I do have MiFi....Love it) for a phone but we have really great plans on our lines (Super cheap old SunCom Business Un-Plans). That being said......Why is it the fault of Samsung?

    BTW. Look at comparable devices on the market that aren't cell phones......Seriously look at the android tablet prices for good hardware (Not cheap-O $129 Ebay Crap) and then look at what you have hardware wise.......The phone price is way better. Lets face it, you are gonna have to pay someone $70 a month (or whatever) for wireless service. If you are truly mad about the whole thing.......Fork up $250,000 or so to get a class action suit going. The lawyers get 30-40% of any recoverable damages but hey, you might get a new phone out of it.
  18. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    Actually I think Samsung ok'd the video...

    YouTube - Samsung Promo for Behold 2 that was Pulled for Promised 2.0 Update!
  19. korywiesner

    korywiesner Member

    It would be one thing if they centered an entire advertising campaign around the update to 2.0......This was one sentence in a Promo video. Did google make additional changes the source that makes 2.X sluggish after the video?

    As for that video....He says ANYONE can create an app for Android..... That is a lie too, my 3 year old can't create an app for my phone........I want my money back now. Better yet, I want a free Galaxy Q in its place.
  20. deadinside

    deadinside Well-Known Member

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  21. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    only if you're daft enough that you don't shop carefully and buy it through direct retail channels as soon as it comes out. that's an expensive way to live. buy previous generation this day and age, that means you'll be getting a phone that's only a few months old for a much nicer price. be a smart shopper and you'll save a lot of money.
  22. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    Yep ^^ I wait at least 6 months until I buy it. Usually if your a good enough customer they'll even come down on the listed price. Say the phone retails for 300, the price with a contract/updated contract is 100-150; I can usually haggle enough to even get that price by 50%. T-mobile will usually deal with you on price if you've been with them long enough.

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