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  1. FiveAces

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    So.... I know this has been an issue of discussion before, but I'm trying to understand what the real problem is......

    It seems apparent to me that the DInc4G can do multi-tasking quite well while it's awake. I was on a short road trip, and within the course of about an hour, I was using Google Navigator for directions & monitoring traffic conditions for the whole hour. During that time I was switching between several phone calls (using BT), pulling up calendar data during one particular phone call to verify my work schedule, and a few minor tasks along the way. It allowed me to switch between these apps without skipping a beat.

    Just to clarify, I was plugged into my car charger for the whole trip, and I have my phone set to keep the screen alive while on charge. So that eliminated the problem of it going into a deep sleep. But it seems to have proved to me that it handled as much as I could dig up as far as a reasonable multi-task situation.

    Now, as far as the Deep-Sleep issue, I've used the built-in Clock Alarm to wake me up in the morning, and I've used the built-in timers several times while cooking dinner and I have yet to burn anything because the timer didn't go off as it was suppose to. So I haven't experienced functions failing because of this deep sleep.

    Any failure related to a function stopping has been due to some programs that have not been updated to work with ICS. One in particular I noticed (and is still an issue) is the Yahoo!Sportacular app. The background alerts will not work correctly but an update is in the process.

    Now..... I am a stickler for making sure I know what every app does and I like to know if it runs in the background (weather it tells you or not!). It's just a matter of knowing what your phone IS doing instead of complaining what it's not doing! I kind of feel that most users have problems because they may be allowing the problems to happen!

    I no longer will use FaceBook until they rewrite it for Android. It has known problems and I don't need it. I disabled Facebook for Sense and uninstalled the Facebook app. No twitter apps either. Nothing against it but don't have a need for it at all. Disabled the gmail app (I prefer Maildroid... much more functional), and I make sure I'm only sync'ing with my gmail account (mainly for my contacts and calendar). FaceBook, Yahoo ( acct), Stocks, Twitter are disabled.
    All this stuff runs in the background and I'm sure will bump other apps down the list or turn them off due to priorities (though I 'm not sure how they are ranks as for importance).

    All of the above equates to better performance, & longer battery life! Is it a total solution? I can't say for sure, but I'd say you'd have a lot less issues if you take the time to go through your inventory of apps instead of trusting that they work as advertised......

  2. jamala00

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    How did you disable and uninstall these?
  3. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    Facebook can just be uninstalled like any other app. Facebook for HTC can be disabled, again like any other app, including any bloatware. To disable an app, go to Apps in Settings. Then click on the All tab, and select the app you want to disable. Then just click disable. If that option isn't immediately available, just uninstall the updates first then you can disable it.

    The option to disable apps is the best ICS feature there is, in my opinion.
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  4. jamala00

    jamala00 Well-Known Member

    That is what I was missing.. Uninstall the updates first! Thx
  5. FiveAces

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    Agree... The best ICS option! BTW, I also disabled just about all verizon Bloatware, too. Especially things like VZ Navigator (why pay to use it?).... if you use Google Maps! Chances are that you have downloaded your preferred apps, so why keep duplicate apps that do the same thing if you don't even use them. Don't ask for trouble.... I'd take a app of my choice from the Google Play Market before I use any apps that Verizon dumped on me. I always have the feeling they're looking for a way to run up your data usage!

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