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I've been using my SF without a Data Plan...

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  1. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member

    ...since launch day, Sept. 9. Just a heads up for anyone upgrading or opening up a new account to a smart phone. It's up to you, but you just might want to ask and confirm at the Point of Sale if you are indeed on the unlimited data plan.

    Received an interesting text msg from Verizon. Turns out my balance is $494.90. Evidently, I've never had a data plan and I've been getting charged for every single Mb.

    *611 and CS immediately recognized what happened. I was never put on a data plan at the POS. It's as simple and complicated as that. $340 in data charges. She put me on the $30 unlimited data and credited me the data charges minus the $30 I would've paid this billing cycle.

    No big deal except the long wait time over the phone and for some reason it took her another five minutes to do whatever was needed to fix it. Also, it has to be "cleared" first because "of the size of the credit". She'll call me back Sunday(she's off Friday and Saturday... good for her) after 1pm to confirm and tell me it went through.

    So, I guess this was just a parting shot, albeit done retroactively and ultimately harmless, by the good people at my local Verizon stores.

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  2. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Wow, interesting tale. This again underscores a theme I've often noted. The CS Phone reps for Verizon really, REALLY, REALLY!! are the best. I have yet to be disappointed with their stellar service.
    I understand this was an in store oversight but it also [again] underscores shall we call it sub-optimal service/performance from the in store reps.

    BTW, what's the per mb data charge like $1-2 per mb or something? $500 bill wowza. Glad its all good and clear now :)
  3. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member

    $2 per Mb. The bill included my total plan + data charges.

    This was just my experience. As far as I'm concerned, in general, the overwhelming majority of Verizon Sales reps are knowledgeable, courteous, human beings with good attitudes that provide an outstanding sales experience.
  4. summerfish

    summerfish Well-Known Member

    I don't know how that happened. I remember when I worked for Verizon that you couldn't continue with the transaction. The system wouldn't allow you to go to the activation screen. Could have been a random fluke.
  5. Droidable

    Droidable Well-Known Member

    Im glad there was no problem with fixing your bill. The second CS rep i call back and talk to is always great.I cant believe a store rep would miss that though. Thats how they get paid.
  6. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member

    When I got the text msg I was certain that it was the two Fascinates that had been returned and for some reason it was never credited back to my account. But considering what my monthly bill is minus the accessories I charged to the account it was off by about $22 by my estimation but what else could've it been??

    Lo' and behold... I asked her how it was possible as the data plan is mandatory with a smart phone. No clue. At this point, I no longer have the psychic energy to contemplate how it could've been overlooked by 2 different people at two different locations.
  7. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member

    On launch day, there were about 15 or so people in the store just waiting to get helped. This girl was showing her 2nd Fascinate of that day to me. She couldn't log on to create her google account. It just kept saying the servers were down.
    When my name was finally called I asked the rep whether or not there was already an issue concerning activating the phone and he flat out told me, "Oh her, she's just slow. She doesn't know what she's doing." She was standing about 6' away from us and heard it. lol

    This is the same rep that apparently activated my account without ANY data plan.
  8. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Please tell me I don't need to repeat my rant on in store reps
  9. SirKronan

    SirKronan Well-Known Member

    Wow. That is just sad. Our local Verizon store usually sucks too. Sad, because their phone reps really are usually knowledgeable and friendly.
  10. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it sucked... because, well, you see... I have this "life problem". I somehow find myself busting-out laughing at the most inappropriate times. The way he flat out quipped it, raising his voice up a notch to make sure she heard it... put it this way, it would've been even worse had I been drinking any liquids at that moment. I couldn't quite stop myself from laughing another 5 minutes. I tried but I'd break out into giggles every 20 seconds or so and I knew she was still behind us... and he had that damn smirk on his face and was trying to not laugh either.
    I just got done talking with her about phones before that, so I really felt like a jerk.

    Man, that was not a good experience. I still cringe when I think about it... and laugh too. lol

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