I've finally smashed my phone out of frustration

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  1. d3v14n7

    d3v14n7 Member

    I can't afford another Android phone now.
    I didn't really have one anyway; just an expensive crashing reboot-loop brick, which got steadily worse over the months until the internet and everything else was unusable.
    It would even go into infinite loops sometimes if I simply sent a message.

  2. Evil Genius

    Evil Genius Well-Known Member

    without warranty?

    care to explain?
  3. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    I second evil there..

    that MUST be a reason YOUR phone doesnt work...because theres 100's of other people on THIS board alone whos Desires do work...then over at Iamandroid, XDA and anyone NOT on the forum sites...

    did you ever actually take it to a repair centre or even your network you bought it from?
  4. Nagrom

    Nagrom Well-Known Member

    I'm so baffled by these people who seem to have endless problems with their Desires.

    I've had mine for almost a year now, and other than the SLIGHT battery comsumption issue, which isn't really an issue, as I charge it every night. I've dropped it a few times, and even had my 3 year old lauch it across the room to land on a wooden floor, and I've NEVER had any real issues with it.

    I've had countless mobiles, and as far as I can see, the build quality, software, and hardware, are almost faultless for a phone that's now a year old.

    Just for once I'd love to see someone start a thread saying how happy they are with their Desire's, instead of all this moaning, and bitching.......

    Like deanshep85 pointed out, all these hundreds of people who are happy with their phones can't ALL be wrong.

  5. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    im on it ;):D

    haha kidding....cos then I'd be blamed for wasting space or something lol
  6. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Faulty models can happen to any manufacturer, even on a larger scale (Apple with iphone4, Nokia with N8, etc). I have not had the issues you mention with my phone.

    If you had issues with the phone, you do 2 simple things:
    1) Ask for help in a forum like this
    2) Take it to HTC service center
  7. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    *cough* every nokia since n95 *cough* ;):D
  8. R3vel

    R3vel Well-Known Member

    I dont mess about with things unless I am 100% sure I know what I am doing. Any over the air updates, I can live with. Rooting is a bit out of my comfort zone at the minute. Besides, My phone is still in warrenty, so no messing until it runs out. ;)
  9. cairns84

    cairns84 Well-Known Member

    i tihnk the desire is good phone when it works, so far mine has had the constant restart problem (fixed by htc but now starting again and warrenty is almost up AGH!)

    my partners desire has been sent to htc twice and has come back with the same problem twice, it keeps pushing to right no matter what we do, dono ifs the trackpad or what.
  10. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    have you spoken to the network you got them from? as im guessing your on contract? have you just tried for another replacement? I mean...even if the warrenty is ALMOST up its still worth going to them..

    normally networks put a years warrenty on top...and then manufacturers put a 2 years on that..
  11. cairns84

    cairns84 Well-Known Member

    yeah there unwilling to reaplce it and still fitting for some good ending lol.

    i think the phone is good mind you. just needs a bit more internal memory to be on safe side with
  12. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    well then unfortunately thats a network being awkward like bastards issue...

    I had that a while back with an LG viewty..
  13. d3v14n7

    d3v14n7 Member

    No warranty = ebay
    Bought outright, last year.
    Scumbag screwed me over anyway. It was sold as unbranded/unlocked. The guy then called me saying the screen/case had gotten slightly damaged and would I like a discount. Naturally, I said no, I wanted an undamaged one. He then tried to palm me off with cheaper models. I told him that I wanted what I'd been sold - because I knew the specs. He told me I would have to wait for a replacement. When it finally arrived after several weeks, it was T-Mobile branded! I was pissed off but decided I would put up with it and deal with it later as I had already waited so long.
    Later became sooner when I found out that T-Mobile (and other brands) screw with Android before passing updates on (much like if you bought a "home user" targetted laptop - loaded with all that ineffective crap and bloat they mess them up with), and I ended up stuck on Eclair with no App2SD and hardly being able to install any apps to what portion of the 512MB storage was left after the OS had grabbed most of it for other things.
    I had to wipe and root my phone.
    That wasn't a problem (except for the original "carrier ID" errors) and I managed to finally get an automatic Froyo update.
    That was fine although I always had a few crashes with my phone since the beginning.
    Then along came a minor update which screwed my phone. Wi-Fi went down and other things seemed broken and buggy after that.
    I have been able to do no updates since, despite trying different switches and suggestions.

    For those that say I am whining, I am not. The fact is that the phone would randomly crash and infinitely reboot. It steadily got worse over the time I had it. THAT IS NOT USER ERROR. THUS MY COMPLAINT DOES NOT EQUATE TO WHINING. When you have to walk around with the battery out for hours on end or keep your phone on silent because if it starts rebooting on public transport you would keep hearing the HTC chime every 30 or so seconds until you finally took the phone out of your pocket to dismantle it.

    For those that say all companies have issues; sure, but that is why some of us will never buy a piece of junk HP/Compaq or Acer laptop - to limit the chances of getting burned.

    For those that report that they have had no issues; I'm not surprised. I don't expect you to have had them. This was obviously from a junk batch which shouldn't have passed QC.

    I liked my phone a lot - even though it had a junk speaker, no front-facing camera, no zoom (I don't know if any phones have such yet), no decent macro and no decent flash. It was still a nice computer.
  14. LECTER

    LECTER Well-Known Member

    Op should have posted here earlier instead of posting now just to bitch!
  15. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm sorry to pull you up on this, but ROOT+OTA=Massive user error (one of the biggest errors a rooted user can make).

    This is most likely the sole cause of all your anguish.

    Running an RUU to return it to an unbranded stock would most likely have resolved all your issues.

    Did you really, actually smash it to pieces before reading and ranting on a forum?
  16. d3v14n7

    d3v14n7 Member

    ps. I survive on f'all money left from my paltry wages per week. Who would like to contribute to my Optimus 3D fund? LOL
    I'm really pissed about losing my camera. My Desire was the closest thing I've ever owned, to something I could take reasonably "okay" photos with.
  17. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    My contract ends next wednesday and a special business case has been put in to the director of IT just to keep me for 3 months. Chances are my
  18. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    first and actually only point...

    you bought it from EBAY...theres your problem..

    but you do acknowledge that it was most likely from a junk batch....which means REALLY your first post was a little bit over the top and misleading as the last part you and I quote..

    so really what you should of originally said was..

    "Everyone be very careful buying phones or any electronic products on Ebay or similar sites from UNTRUSTED sources as you maybe burnt with either defective goods or chinese clones.."

    see...doesnt that seem clearer...anyway..

    Im sorry you had bad...VERY bad luck with buying from Ebay, I was burned myself last year with a 16gb memory card, turned out to be a fake 3GB faulty card..

    its the unfortunate problem with buying like that..though to be fair if you had problems with the seller from the start you should of reported it straight to ebay and opened an investigation against him, you would of likely been given refund..
  19. d3v14n7

    d3v14n7 Member

    I BOUGHT AN UNBRANDED PHONE AND I GOT A T-MOBILE ONE. I didn't want to screw with it and a lot of the instructions for rooting left out minor details which you could trip up on. I still don't know the meaing of RUU vs OTA. I searched and I couldn't find out.
    Still, thanks to Mr Ebay Scumbag and T-Mobile I had no choice other than to mess with it.
    The phone always crashed. It just got worse with time.
    I have rooted the frigging thing twice.
    You have to understand, I was sick of wiping my phone to root it or otherwise, just to find it never improved my situation, which steadily got worse until unbearable.
    The phone isn't in pieces. The screen is f'cked. It's not physically broken on the outside but it's below the glass. I don't know whether it's the screen or the touch thingy or both. The screen is scrambled though. I think the inputs are working but I can't see to make them.
    I'm just reluctant to fix the screen on a broken phone.
    You have to understand, I've lost a lot of photos due to crashes and corruption. I'm a rational man but for 9 months this has been winding me up more and more until I lost it. The phone has had the battery out more often than in. It really wasn't a usable phone anymore.
  20. d3v14n7

    d3v14n7 Member

    I knew you'd bring up ebay.
    Chinese clones doesn't come into it.
    Look, I buy most of my stuff off ebay as it's the only place I can find what I need.
    This is the first time I've had a problem and it would be to easy to jump on the wholesale "don't use ebay or it's your fault" bandwagon.
    The problem with this particular incident is that the issue happened over time, which made it difficult to determine and too late to take action by the time it was critical.
  21. d3v14n7

    d3v14n7 Member

    Aye, Dean. I was getting the heebies when he started feeding b/s after b/s line.
    I was also at a very bad place in life and I only ignored my feelings because I "needed" the phone/device really badly. I'm not going to tire you but I was f'cked and nearing the end last year.
  22. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    But you are making fundamental error after fundamental error. You dont simply keep rooting and updating the same phone. Once rooted, its rooted. It wont simply lose root. Then accepting OTA's after that is asking for trouble. No matter what you do after that, unless you run an official RUU (Rom Upgrade utility that runs from PC), its never going to work properly again.

    I'm sorry to say this but jumping into these things without researching and understanding what you are doing is a recipe for disaster.

    We could have talked you through all of these problems and got you on a working phone within a very short period of time.

    Its a shame that you decided to join here simply to express your rage in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS when we could have helped you. We dont want or deserve your the anger you are showing us.
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  23. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    the clones I mentioned was just to highlight the fact that not everything is gonna be perfect on there...

    but to be fair...just like dan said it seems MOST human error, as you rooted it then tried to down an update over the air..

    whats the VERY VERY VERY first damn thing you do before rooting it *waits for the rest of the android forum to chime in* ;) thats READ up on rooting...

    it states time and time again through ANY FAQ for rooting that if you dont know what your doing 100% DONT DO IT...simple as...it also mentions do not accept or download in OTA updates through the phone itself as this will tend to brick the phone..

    so to be fair...we shall sum this up.....bought from dodgy ebay seller, rooted then OTA updated phone...

    sorry to sound dickish there...but yes you may of had a faulty batch phone in the first place...but you didnt really help it at all..

    and as to your warrenty bit mentioned earlier....HTC nor Tmobile will do nothing for a mobile with NO warrenty...its only Tmobiles job to do anything if you BOUGHT it from them...just cos its tmob branded doesnt mean anything most times...

    if you took it to a HTC repair centre there is a chance that via serial number tracking it MAY still have a small parts and labour warrenty at factory level...but maybe not...you would of been charged obviously..

    EDIT: Damn you dan...beat me to it :p

    EDIT2: BUT on a more brighter note...yes there is actually a few 'camera' phones out there with proper lens on them...LG brought one out around 2 years ago...was quite a chunky beast with proper optical zoom...and in japan there is quite a number of models with full on optical zoom...

    I know a phone over there has android 2.1 I believe as well as 4 inch screen and 14megapixal camera WITH full on optical zoom....looks a damn beast...BUT not 100% if its EVER going to be released over this side of the globe...because the japanese networks are much different to ours I believe and we HARDLY get the japanese phones...hell those bastards are running on 3D screens with a few of them!...not that I care for 3D its a fad...end of story lol
  24. d3v14n7

    d3v14n7 Member

    @ SURoot. My pittance does also. Good luck with it. I've just picked up a minimum wage job after almost ending up on the streets and having my roommate [and sanity by proxy] almost have to move back to Spain.
  25. d3v14n7

    d3v14n7 Member

    I just clicked! OTA means "Over The Air"?! Why have I never found this definition by searching.
    In that case, "No", I used only computer updates until the minor update which screwed the phone majorly.
    Also, when somebody pointed me to yet another rooting procedure recently I didn't act upon it because... Hey!.. despite their treating me like an idiot, I was thinking "I'm sure this thing is still rooted. I don't think that's the issue I'm having". But it's hard to get that across to people. I DO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Sometimes though, instruction have ambiguities. I know that because I used to give instructions to help folks with graphics chip troubleshooting and I knew these guys may possibly not know f'all, so I had to cover all possible places where they may slip up.
    ps. I am not expressing any anger towards any of you guys. I may come across a little frustrated at times. After all, I couldn't afford to lose this phone but I'd technically been losing it slowly since I got it.
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