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  1. ChrisENote

    ChrisENote Active Member

    I tested my touchscreen accuracy by drawing straight lines over the S Note grid background using a plastic ruler and the S Pen. Not just for fun, I had found my handwriting and sketches were terrible in certain parts of the screen.

    Over most of the screen I got nice straight lines exactly where I placed them, but at the edges near to the camera/sensor and also near the Samsung logo I found the lines warped away from where the pen had been. When I'd built up a number of lines in a grid I found what looks like 2 bulges if you imagine contour lines on a map.
    This is making note taking a real pain, so it's going back to the shop for replacement or repair.

    Has anyone got any idea why this has happened? I think it has done it from new but it was not until I drew lines with a ruler I saw how bad it was and there is a shape to it.

    Could a screen protector influence it? I do not want to remove it to check as it a sod to put on, it's a proper 10.1 screen protector that appears to be fine

    I have saved the s note file and exported to jpg but don't know how to show it on a forum as I'm new to forums.



  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Get a replacement
  3. pwatkins

    pwatkins Active Member

    Why wouldnt you take off the screen "protector". If you do and the problem goes away then that was the cause. If it's still there then go get a replacement. Why would you need to put it back? They probably won't give you a replacement anyway without checking it with the "protector" removed.

    Personally I've never seen the benefit of protectors on touch screens. The only time I ever tried one it certainly reduced touch sensitivity. Never bothered since - and have never had a single scratch on a screen.
  4. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    There are those of us who have sustained scratches, hence screen protectors.
  5. pwatkins

    pwatkins Active Member

    This is not a discusion about screen "protectors" but simply about the OP's "bulge" with an SP on.

    As I say he needs to remove it to check if this is the cause. If the problem is the same then he returns the unit for replacement. If it goes away, then he can make the decision to try a different brand - or use it naked
  6. ChrisENote

    ChrisENote Active Member

    You make a fair point about the protector, just removed it and proven that it was not the cause but also no noticeable improvement in sensitivity.

    Going back to John Lewis tomorrow, as it took me more than 28days to spot it they need to send it back to Samsung.
  7. Jetmerritt

    Jetmerritt Well-Known Member

    On my wife's N2 I encountered this very problem. She had a case with a magnetic catch to close it. It made a dead spot where the lines bulged away from it. Only with the S-pen. Removed case, problem solved.
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  8. ChrisENote

    ChrisENote Active Member

    Jetmerrit you have just hit the nail on the head- thank you so much. As an engineer I can't believe I didn't think of that.
    I have a case that has magnetic catches, when I remove the Note from the case there are no distorted lines.
    The case is "IVSO slim smart cover case with multi-angle stand" from Amazon, it great in every other way
  9. jojo121

    jojo121 New Member

    Thank you so much. Had the same problem. Was a bit annoying. What an easy solution. Thought it was the first smudge on my very new, and soooo much better than iphone, galaxy note 2 . But no...just the cover
  10. streetkilln

    streetkilln Well-Known Member

    The pen accuracy on the edges isnt good.

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