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Ive had the EVO V since launch...General

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  1. MT Rotor

    MT Rotor Guest

    :)Not quite sure if I figured out all the ICS features...

    I'm not into the games, or apps at least...what's there to do on a awesome android phone
    (I do have a Google+ account for sh1ts&giggles)

    I have soundhoud and AK notepad as my main apps,but other than that am I missing anything?

    I currently got the trident Kraken AMS from amazon and its a sick case,dropped once and still held together.

  2. dg61981

    dg61981 Well-Known Member

    I did a video review on YouTube® about the trident kraken. It's an awesome case. But I've dropped mine 3 times now in the 1 month that I've had it and it blasts apart every single time. But, due to the silicone skin inside, my phone is always fine. Other than that, it's probably my favorite case that I've owned for any phone.

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