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  1. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

    I just flashed Jan 13 CM9 Nightlies(Latest, I believe) and seems that I can't connect to WiFi.

    My Samsung Galaxy S2 and Laptops connect right away unlike my Touchpad which is stuck at Obtaining IP Address.

  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Nightlies are never guaranteed to work or be good builds.

    Restore the recovery backup you created before flashing or flash an older one. It's always good to check Rootzwiki to see if there's issues before flashing. :D

    What were you running before you updated?
  3. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

    I did not create a CWM backup(there's nothing important in it anyways.:p) I was running CM7 before upgrading.
  4. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    How did you upgrade? acme, acme2, acme3 installer or just flash from recovery?

    I've had wifi issues that were fixed by reflashing the rom. Did your gapps get flashed? Do you have a Play Store or are they still in your cminstall folder?
  5. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

    CWM and Gapps flashed. I have Play Store.
  6. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

  7. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

    I upgraded via flashing *.zip via CWM.
  8. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    There's your problem.

    CM7 > CM9 doesn't require a wipe, if you flash via acme (the recommended path).

    You could factory reset and try again. You could just update CM9 again, but via acme3. Nevertells will recommend you use acme uninstaller and reinstall to fix the file system.

    Did you make a recovery backup? If so, I'd restore CM7, update to the latest CWM, make a new backup and reinstall via acme3. If you've formatted a lot via CWM, you might have a lot of file system errors that could possibly be unrecoverable, requiring a acme uninstall, reinstall. More here: Time to update your recovery and make a new backup.
  9. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

    Uninstalled and reinstalled. It did the trick. Currently on Dec 17 CM9 Nightlies
  10. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Cool! It's possible we might end up with CM10 nightlies (weeklies?) soon. (I can't wait.) :D
  11. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

  12. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    No, but there never has been a stable build for CM7 or CM9 either.

    "Stable" is a special term used for releases that means everything works. It's been close to beta in CM7 and CM9, but that's it.

    Right now CM10 is called a "preview", meaning it's not even in beta test status yet and it's recommended for experienced installers (some risk is expected). It's a work in progress.

    In order of quality, you'll usually see this:
    preview (very similar to alpha)
    release candidate (or RC)

    Some past builds were named "full-of-bugs" and "not-yet-ready". This build is named cm-10-20121216-EXPERIMENTAL-tenderloin-FOR_LIMITED_TESTING_ONLY_CAM.zip if that tells you more. :D "Cam" referring to the addition of the camera fixes. You can find all of jc's releases here: Goo.im Downloads - Browsing preview

    Now that the lesson is over... is it a good build and most everything works? Yes. I have it on both my Touchpads and think it's as good as CM9, some say even better. Nightly builds are expected soon. It's possible there are some issues with some apps, but I haven't noticed any thing. Make sure you have the latest recovery, make a backup and install it with acme3 and use the recommended stock gApps.

    FWIW, I prefer the guide at Rootzwiki: How to install jcsullins CM10 Unofficial Build 20121216, with Sound, Camera & Microphone, Updated 1/12/2013 Roland does a much better guide and I know that's up to date. (Many more Touchpad developers are on Rootzwiki.) XDA is best for other devices, like the Nook Color tho.

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