Jawbone not connecting with GalaxySupport

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  1. klyaxar

    klyaxar Member

    When I tried to connect my existing Jawbone bluetooth headset to the S2, It was never able to find it.

    Doing a google search just showed me lots of issues with Galaxy tab and bluetooth. Anyone else having issues getting their headsets to connect?

  2. archittech7

    archittech7 Well-Known Member

    Me too... I can't connect my bluetooth headset either.
  3. TMass

    TMass Active Member

    My jawbone connects; Have you set them both to pairing mode?
  4. klyaxar

    klyaxar Member

  5. archittech7

    archittech7 Well-Known Member

    Yep, same with me. I didn't know I had to get my headset into pairing mode (it's been awhile), but I found the manual for my plantronics voyager pro and got it work. Thanks for the info about "pairing".
  6. Irondog433

    Irondog433 New Member

    Press and hold the talk button on the jawbone, while holding, turn the power button to the ON position. Your G-SII will find your Btooth... ;)
  7. Jim Robbins

    Jim Robbins New Member

    THANK YOU! I used these instructions to connect my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my Jawbone Prime. This is the only thing that worked for me.

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