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JB coming soon per VerizonGeneral

Last Updated:

  1. Xelios

    Xelios Well-Known Member

    It is much better. The first leak started out quick but bogged down very quickly. This leak is much more solid compared to the old. And my battery life is much improved compared to the old leak as well.

  2. dhbuckley

    dhbuckley Well-Known Member

    "Check for updates is not available at this time. Try again later".

    Traveling in Orlando; I'd guess the servers were slammed, no?
  3. dhbuckley

    dhbuckley Well-Known Member

    Back to "your phone is up to date"...

    Oh well.
  4. robdec17

    robdec17 Well-Known Member

    Seems quiet this morning... no word of anyone receiving it yet today.
  5. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Just got up, no update again for me. I'll keep checking throughout the day.
  6. ALurker

    ALurker Well-Known Member

    Checked mine yesterday and the update was there. Waited until late last night to update and everything went smoothly. I was happy to see it didn't force a factory reset so everything stays exactly as it was before the update. So far just noticed a few new apps (which I will be disabling) and Google Now but I haven't been able to play much since the install. May just be my imagination but transitions/animations seem a little smoother but still not perfect. Haven't tried the camera at all yet.
  7. SayOw

    SayOw Well-Known Member

    I got the update right away at noon (CST) yesterday...

    I am running all stock, and appearance wise, really didn't notice anything to drastic.

    Did find the NFC option and I clicked that to allow NFC activity...I have yet to find someone else with a compatible device to test that out with right now, but will be doing so as soon as I can just to see how that works.

    Upgraded the Google search and it is quite an improved version and have really enhanced the voice command portion.
  8. dhbuckley

    dhbuckley Well-Known Member

    Back to "Check for updates is not available at this time. Try again later".

    Guess I will.
  9. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Anyone else still waiting for the update like me? What a pain! Really wish they didn't stagger the update.
  10. Ag76

    Ag76 Well-Known Member

    My wife's Razr HD hasn't received the update. She can't figure out why I keep checking her phone. What's a Jelly Bean she asks?
  11. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Haha, women, my wife said the same thing when I updated her Razr M.
  12. smfiou

    smfiou New Member

    i really need this update asap since my current ICS is corrupted and wont connect to choose the GSM network. when i got my phone i was able to connect to 3g network even though i was not getting data but now something happened and now it doesnt connect. i am too novice to "format" my phone and factory reset did not helped. when i choose the GSM/utms option, it doesnt even select it anymore.
  13. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    If a factory reset didn't help I don't think the JB update will either. That might be a radio problem and you may want to take it to the store and have them give it look over.
  14. candreas

    candreas Active Member

    Yep, I keep checking and it says I'm up to date. I assume there is no way for someone capture the update file and up load it so those who are still waiting can go ahead and update?
  15. droidros

    droidros Well-Known Member

    Hey, watch what you say ... I'm a woman (and an "older" one at that) but I can tell a jelly bean from an ice cream sandwich... (well, I know they taste different at least) and my BF is still on a flip phone and he wouldn't even know from FroYo ;) ...
  16. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    hahah Men :p
  17. robdec17

    robdec17 Well-Known Member

    Seems like no one has received an update since Monday :(
  18. fullerne

    fullerne Well-Known Member

    Yeah, still waiting (somewhat) patiently...
  19. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Maybe they sent it out to a few to test it out, make sure there were no bugs and the rest of us will get it the 2nd part of the week. I really hate how VZW does things. Makes me miss my Galaxy Nexus where it was simple to root.
  20. fullerne

    fullerne Well-Known Member

    Seems unclear from the various responses here and at xda whether it is a soak test or not. Some who have gotten it already signed up for the test, some didn't
  21. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Not sure exactly what a soak test is but why would VZW release something saying that the phones would be getting the update if it was only to be sent out to people for this test?
  22. rankman

    rankman Well-Known Member

    I'm enjoying Google now on my razr HD with the jelly bean update I got Monday but the phone feels the same in terms of transition speed on screens. I compared it to one with ICS and didn't noticed a difference. Also the quadrant and vellamo score are pretty much the same which surprised me. My phone isn't slow but I was expecting it to be even snappier! Wonder if a master rest would help or not in speed and benchmarks. Data connectivity is better I noticed not that it was bad to begin with. Think its worth a master reset or are people getting similar effects. BTW I love the update I was just expecting more from project butter. I found no issue so far.
  23. hansangb

    hansangb Well-Known Member

    They *have* to do a soak test to root out last minute issues. Imagine what would happen if they didn't stagger it or soak test it. a) their infrastructure would get hammered with everyone doing the upgrade and b) one glitch can knock out the entire user population.

    I had to wait for months for my Bionic ICS update so I've been conditioned to be very patient! But I'm guilty of hitting the "check update..." every few hours! :)
  24. razrmaxx

    razrmaxx Member

    The soak test is ending soon....JB should start going out in stages starting tonight...

  25. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    where did you find the info?

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