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JB update for US is hereGeneral

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  1. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    The OTA wasn't working for me, still getting this message. Hooked it up to Kies and it is now updating.

  2. knightanole

    knightanole Member

    Okay, I'm a noob....what's Kies and how do I do it?
  3. Jetmerritt

    Jetmerritt Well-Known Member

    Nothing in Canada...
  4. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    Finally got it updated. Jellybean Is Awesome. Anyone know what new features are with this update ?
  5. knightanole

    knightanole Member

    Figured it out....installed with no problem, except I lost my Nook app - other than that it's good to go.
  6. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    I went through the YouTube video on the premium features. Everything works and works well. I think the launcher won't be a problem.
  7. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    I've been trying all night getting same message every time. Guess I'll try again early in the morning.
  8. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

  9. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

  10. SMALBA

    SMALBA Well-Known Member

    Is there any danger or risk in using kias air ?
  11. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Yes, the moment you start using it a gang of Ninja will apppear from nowhere and demolish your place.
  12. Thomh

    Thomh Well-Known Member

    4.1.2? I only have 4.1.1 in UK!
  13. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    The upgrade is here in Paradise, 478.59 mb.
  14. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    I gotta say JB really makes the Note 10.1 alot better. Well worth the update. I'm so glad I went with the Note 10.1 on Black Friday instead of the Ipad 4.
  15. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Well-Known Member

    So far Samsungs upgrade has not happened on my Galaxy 10.1 Note. The server still is not doing it's job. Glad I also own my iPad4.;)
  16. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    Multiuser capability isn't here-- that I can find anyhow.
  17. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Please watch the video posted here multiple times about new features in 4.1. There is no mention of multi user anywhere. Not coming until 4.2
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  18. jzebrahockey

    jzebrahockey Well-Known Member

    Just letting everyone know I placed a tutorial on how to root the 4.1.2 note on the all things root page.
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  19. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    Update through kies. Its faster.
  20. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    Will the note 10.1 be getting the 4.2 update?
  21. MIKES3

    MIKES3 Active Member

    I'm wondering if the direct download will ever happen through the settings. I can't get kies to work
  22. MBM7881

    MBM7881 Well-Known Member

    I still haven't gotten the update but what u mean u lost nook? Its not compatible? I use the nook app daily. Thanks
  23. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Well-Known Member

    I am beginning to think my Galaxy 10.1 Note is just a lost leader. May soon send it off to e-bay for sale.
  24. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Sell it. No reason to be bothered by such a piece of rubbish device. Get another tablet and I bet it will offer multi-window, note-taking capabilities with a stylus.
  25. JvdMaat

    JvdMaat Member

    The 4.1.2 update removes the nook app from being built-in. You have to now download it from Play store.

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