JC6 to Galaxo or GAOSP?

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  1. yabbadoo

    yabbadoo Member

    Hi folks,

    I'm on a Bell i7500L.
    I initially attempted loading Galaxo sometime back but could not get the gapps to load so I installed JC6 which is where I am at now.

    I would like to continue tinkering so do I try Galaxo again or do I go straight to GAOSP?

    If I go to GAOSP, do I have to load GAOSP-2-PUBLIC-BETA-3, GAOSP-3-PUBLIC-BETA-1, GAOSP-NIGHTLY-06132011 in sequence or do I go straight to GAOSP-NIGHTLY-06132011?

    Also, do all phone functions work in GAOSP? Wifi, Bluetooth, Camera, Calls etc...?


  2. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Regarding Galaxo:

    - that ROM is optimized Android 1.6 in other words Donut, fastest ROM available for Galaxy. The only down side is that almost no-one is developing for Android 1.x.

    Regarding GAOSP:

    - my suggestion is that you go for GAOSP-2-PUBLIC-BETA-3 (highly recommended), Froyo Android 2.2.2 based, all is working fine, many apps to choose from the Market (developers are developing for android 2.x and higher). Down side is speed and responsiveness of the device aka dialer lag (to little RAM installed on it). But try to see if it matches your taste. There is also some optimizing you can do O/C the unit, using swap (you will need micro SD card with class 6 as minimum), compcache,...

    About GAOSP 3 (use the nightly version, cause it was released later then PUBLIC-BETA), based on Gingerbread but it has is some issue regarding Camera, also it seems that it deletes camera firmware. So if you don't use camera, you can go for it - but it uses more memory then Froyo (your choice).

    Verdict: try Froyo first and Gingerbread later. Use Zeam launcher to save memory. About Dialer lag, can't help there. Apparently, after reboot it works instantly but later it's starting to lags (you can always try Dialer 2 or something).

    p.s: get your latest Google Apps from Cyanogenmod - for Froyo use ver.6 (MDPI) and for Gingerbread ver.7

    Hope it helps.
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  3. yabbadoo

    yabbadoo Member

    Excellent response Lelouch!!! Exactly what i was looking for!!! All the threads here are helpful, but I couldn't figure out which path to go and your response is bang on! Thks...

    BTW... JC6 runs real nice on my i7500L right now, but I'm eligible for an upgrade (think I'll hold off for the S3 when it comes out though :) and want to futz around some more so I'll give Froyo a go and then perhaps go to GB...

    Thks again.
  4. jabolewski

    jabolewski New Member

    my friend updated my i7500 from 1.6 XEJC6 to Galaxo It runs very fast, but there are problems:
    1. Desktop Market says that I don't have any android device
    2. There are very few applications available in mobile Market
    3. The biggest problem: battery - on XEJC6 lasted 2-3 days, now ~15 hours... I've turned off OC. My settings:

    Galaxo Configuration:
    Compcache: Off
    Cpu sampling: Mix
    SSH server: off
    OC: off
    Renice: ON
    Provisionned: ON
    VNC Server (port 5901) off

    Battery use:
    32 min 43s since unplugged
    Android system: 76%
    Celll standby: 19%
    Phone idle: 5%

    Am I experiencing no sleep bug?

  5. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member


    I have almost none to zero experience with Galaxo, cause I jumped to GAOSP as soon it was stable (nightly releases). Yes it could be no sleep bug. Did you try reflashing Galaxo again with full wipe???

    Regarding the things you mentioned under:
    1. did you try clear cache under options or reflash gapps again
    2. yes, it's known as developers abandoned developing for Android 1.x and gone to Android 2.x stage (maybe you should go GAOSP BETA 2 if you want more apps available)
    3.reflash the ROM or battery calibration (a myth), btw it seems that when you unplug the charger (battery full charged) and plug it back in it reads 99%

    And use 2G networks only for more battery
  6. jabolewski

    jabolewski New Member

    The thing is, that I had more apps in Market... With XEJC6, which is also 1.6 version.

    Changing ROMs... I don't have experience with it, my friend helped me with new ROM... He said that 2.2.1, which he had installed at the beginning was running veeery slooow, so he chose Galaxo.
    Battery life is now quite OK, (I think that it could last for couple of days) of course when I reboot after long charging or phone call. That's weird.
  7. teppic75

    teppic75 New Member

    Hi, I'm a new user.

    I had also some experience recently with drakaz ROMS and my point of view is similar to that of Lelouch. Personally, I prefer galaxo because of the speed. I can cope with missing apps, but not with dialer lag, and GAOSP 3 actually bricked my camera. (I had to temporarily go back to 1.5 to get it back working.)

    What really annoys me is that while with XEJC6 the phone is recognized by google play as "phone" and has access to all Android 1.6 apps (and there are still quite a lot of them), with galaxo from google play it is not recognized at all, and from market only Android 1.5 apps appear.

    Of course one can always find the apks and install them without the market, but I'm always unsure about compatibility and I have the feeling that this approach rapidly decreases the device stability.

    So I ask if anyone managed to trick Google Play in recognizing galaxo, and possibly as an android 1.6 device.

    I already tried the obvious, that is changing build.prop. In XEJC6 the fingerprint reads:

    ro.build.description=GT-I7500-user 1.6 Donut XEJC6 ota-rel-keys,release-keys

    In galaxo it reads:

    ro.build.description=GT-I7500-user 1.6 Donut XEJC6 ota-rel-keys,release-keys

    It would seem the obvious thing to do to change the latter to look like the former, but it doesn't work. I don't know how, but google play must look somewhere else to identify the firmware and does not recognize the device.

    Any ideas?

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