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  1. aeschtl

    aeschtl Member

    Looking to try out the Jeannie voice assistant app (ala Siri for android), details here:

    Install goes fine, but when I try to launch the app, nothing happens for a few minutes, then I get a force close message. I'm rooted and flashed with xtrSENSE.

    I searched but found no specific threads or posts for the Eris.

    I've tried out Vlingo, and like it, but this app seems more capable if I could get it to work. :confused:

    Your help is appreciated!

  2. aeschtl

    aeschtl Member

    Well, I gave up on Jeannie and gave Speaktoit a try. There are a lot of reviews out there for it, but here's my $0.02.

    Likes -

    * Capable of task driven tasks, like setting an alarm, sending text messages, calling, searching the internet, will perform simple math (like what is 96*12).

    Dislikes -

    * Phone ran SLOW after installing this app. The loading popup would occur when exiting menus (not every time, say 4 out of 10), etc. which never happened before. I uninstalled, and the phone is back to the way it used to be, so I'm confident it was the Speaktoit app. Not enough to make it unusable, just annoying.
    * Didn't care for the messaging style, Vlingo is much better in my opinon.
    * Capability is limited at this point, don't expect Siri (see below for Wolfram Alpha recommendation).
    * Lag time while using - you have to wait several seconds before the app is ready for your voice action, then wait several more seconds before the app responds. Not enough to make it unusable, just annoying (see above lol).

    Conclusion? -

    * The ideal voice assistant app isn't available yet, or won't run well on the Eris if it's already available. The virtual voice assistant may be a feature that I will look for in my NEXT phone.
    * Vlingo is nice for hands free texting, where I can say "Text Amanda message I LOVE YOU (comma) PICKING UP A FEW ITEMS AT THE GROCERY STORE (comma) WILL BE HOME SOON (period). But I can achieve the same basic thing with Swype's microphone, just have to manually open Handcent and select a contact first.
    * Wolfram Alpha is COOL for answering needs, and runs fast and well on the Eris. This is probably the closest thing to a seamless knowledge base, but doesn't do task driven commands (like set an alarm for 8:00 tonight).

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  3. NeRiuX

    NeRiuX Member

    I downloaded this program, everything works great, exept for one thing, there's no sound, it can't speak, just writes everything but no sound

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