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  1. dervari

    dervari Well-Known Member

    So what is everyone's take on Jellybean not supporting Flash? Seems like a step backwards towards the iPhone arena. I know HTML5 is the new thing, but I don't see sites rushing to convert from flash.

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I can't believe I didn't see this posted here yet! Very good news for SG3 owners, and the wait apparently won't be long :D
    Source: Galaxy S III will get Android 4.1 soon Samsung test Android 4.1 for Galaxy S II | SamMobile
  3. snilloconator

    snilloconator Well-Known Member

  4. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    I am taking it with a grain of salt. An "insider" source does not get me any more excited then I was before. I wont be happy till its on my phone.
  5. kct1975

    kct1975 Well-Known Member

    Ok...I know everyone here is talking about Samsung phones, but I was wondering if other new phones like the LTEVO would be getting Jelly Bean...

    Anyone heard anything?
  6. Travisimo

    Travisimo Well-Known Member

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  7. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

  8. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    I hope it comes quickly for you guys as well. That will push HTC to get it out for my beloved Evo :p
  9. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    The only way this seems possible is if they planned an ICS release...and have been working on JB for a couple months already. Even when the phone was not out. I can't see them releasing the phone, and starting on JB and getting it out by August. You wonder if the new iphone coming out pushed them to get the phone out without JB. Its really hard for me to believe they couldn't wait a month or so and get the phone with JB. Since this phone was so highly anticipated.
  10. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    I agree it was highly anticipated but most new phones are tested and R/D is with a older stable working OS. Also this device was a very big secret to make it work with JB would have let the cat out of the bag IMHO.
  11. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    I don't understand your last sentence.
  12. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    Very few people worked on the S3 to keep the details a secret it was moved in a top secret case so no would see the device before it was complete to have more people working on the device with knowladge of Jelly Bean would allow for more people to see it thus bigger chance of the top secret project not being so top secret.
  13. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    You really think that the "secret" of the phone is more important then releasing a phone with Jelly Bean? I think the argument that they wanted to get the phone out with a stable OS before Apple does their big launch has a lot more leverage behind it. I agree they wanted to keep this phone secret, but that being the sole reason they didn't launch with JB does not seem very likely to me. I do think launching the phone with a really good stable OS (like you said) is a good point. If they launched the phone with JB and it had a huge problem, it would destroy their opening sales. Think the launch of Windows Vista. Never recovered.

    Also letting us have JB just a few months after the release is a sneaky way of making it seem like they are updating phones faster. Haha.
  14. Evo 5oh

    Evo 5oh Well-Known Member

    Idk about jelly bean looks good but do you think samsung leave touchwiz for how jelly bean looks....? :(
  15. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    Samsung would use JB and put their UI on top of it. Much like us putting launchers on our phone.
  16. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    If you download apex launcher that pretty much looks exactly like jelly bean :)


    I'll believe jelly bean is ready when Samsung officially announces something. So far they've been silent on the matter. "sources extremely close to Samsung" isn't Samsung!
  17. davoid

    davoid Well-Known Member

    But the thing is, the phone was so highly anticipated that people couldn't stand waiting any more. And I don't think that the iPhone was the factor that made them release it. I think it was the One X. They didn't want people to get fed up with waiting and get a One X instead, it being the only big thing of the moment with quad core, 720p, and ICS.

    And why would a company forfeit a month of sales of a flagship device if they don't have to? I for one was quite ignorant of the impending release of Jelly Bean and was looking forward to having a new phone with ICS which was receiving all the praise it deserves. I hadn't heard anyone bemoaning having to have an ICS device. It was what everyone was waiting for.
  18. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

  19. rjtim

    rjtim Well-Known Member

    How does the update work though? Will it be over Kies just like the usual firmware upgrades?
  20. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    ^ yep and OTA provided you haven't rooted.

    If you have an unbranded phone you'll get the update as soon as Samsung release it.
    If your phone is branded you'll have to wait for your carrier to release the firmware, which will likely be some time after Samsung release it.
  21. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    You can't come on here and tell me the iphone launch would not hurt release sales. If those phones came out at the same time we would not be seeing the numbers the S3 has today, and the same with the iphone. Also Samsung got their phone out in time to be heavily advertised in the Olympics. The most watched event in the world. Overall I think its great timing and to maybe have JB only a month or two from launch is great.

    Samsung gets it from Google. And Verizon needs to get it after that (for me). Anyone have any predictions for the the VZW S3 JB launch?
  22. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Still nothing official from Samsung; even Samsungs own launch dates are missed, so I'm taking any rumoured ones with a pinch of salt.
  23. rjtim

    rjtim Well-Known Member

    I have the international version and it's open-line. So I guess mine is classified as unbranded.
  24. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    It would be smart of Samsung to release Jelly Bean just before Apple announce the iPhone 5 in an attempt to steal some of their thunder!
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  25. happyarthur79

    happyarthur79 Well-Known Member

    The Galaxy S3 will be getting jelly bean by the end of September's.

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