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  1. supermac82

    supermac82 New Member

    I have just disabled samsung push too.

  2. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    those stats dont really matter if you screen was on for 4 of those 5 hours

    after 5 hours of standby im usually down to 78% on a normal day
  3. aldo82

    aldo82 Well-Known Member

    exactly. 79% screen time means the screen was on a hell of a lot in that time. I don't think I've ever seen mine that high and I'd be delighted with those stats! On mine Android System now eats 30% of my battery, much higher than it was on ICS. I factory reset yesterday and didn't restore any backup. No difference
  4. Spaceprobe

    Spaceprobe Well-Known Member

    I upgraded my sim free yesterday, have Google Now on and cant say I have noticed a problem, battery drain seems not to have changed.
  5. VincentLui98

    VincentLui98 Guest

    The Jellybean just deployed for O2-UK customers this week. Obviously, I have planned to update it but I heard a lot of stuff from forums etc about the battery drain in Jellybean.

    Is this true? The Galaxy S3 battery is already bad enough to be honest and I don't want even more drain.

    Also, are there any major bugs?

  6. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    No major buys reported or problems with battery drain. Just because a few people post things on here doesn't mean there is any major problem out there. There are millions of those phones out there upgraded now.

    First week after getting any new phone or major update there will be higher battery use as the phone does lots of things in the background and people play with it more. Afterwards it tends to settle down.
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    There are a few bugs that some get. Obviously these are covered in the various threads about this in more detail.

    1. Some find Google now uses more battery. Well Duh. More data upload / download and GPS.... It can be turned off

    2. MediaScannerService constantly scanning. Again, workaround to backup sd to computer and reformat sd card.

    The s3 has a great battery in the UK.
  8. VincentLui98

    VincentLui98 Guest

    Thanks for the info.

    I been searching around and I believe that mediascannerservice is only available to be stopped via a rooted phone?
  9. ajnicho

    ajnicho New Member

    Sorry mate but my Galaxy S3's battery life has been atrocious since updating to JB.

    It's dropping a per cent every 15 minutes or so even when locked!
  10. VincentLui98

    VincentLui98 Guest

    Wow. Really? Mine has been finally actually. Hardly uses any battery when locked. I woke up seeing the same percentage and I slept for an hour except its draining fast whilst in use.
  11. aldo82

    aldo82 Well-Known Member

    yeah mine drains faster on JB. I even did a factory reset and its made no difference. Not chronic but in standby its around 1% per hour as ooposed to 0.5% per hour on ICS. I believe google now is the cause for this but leaving it on at the moment to see if its actually useful. If not I'll turn it off and hopefully get some battery life back.

    I believe on JB the media scanner shows up in battery usage after a reboot as the phone scans for all media on the device. It should not continue though, so its a bug if it does.

    Anyone else seeing gpsd in battery usage? I believe this is linked to google now as never seen it before JB?
  12. Spaceprobe

    Spaceprobe Well-Known Member

    I have had JB for two days now on my sim free UK phone and no battery problems at all. I agree the S3 as the best battery of any phone on the UK market
  13. pauLAW

    pauLAW Member

    Im the same, maybe not quite this bad but its defiantly worse that it was before the upgrade.

    Something I did notice is that my version shows 4.1.1 - I am lead to believe that I should be on 4.1.2?
  14. Blenc1

    Blenc1 Well-Known Member

    I upgraded a week ago, at first the battery was getting chewed, it'now improving as the phone us settling down.
  15. pauLAW

    pauLAW Member

    I have heard this from a few people now but can anyone actually explain what this means? settling down? I'm not dismissing this as a possible solution but I just don't quite understand whats happening in this week of settling down.
  16. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

  17. Albie999

    Albie999 Well-Known Member

    Sorry if this sounds like a daft question ... but is device idle anything to be worried about, or as it possibly suggests, it is just the amount of time that the device is in fact idle :)

    I only ask, as when I checked my battery stats this morning, device idle was showing third in the list with 14% and time on of 12h 57mins

    Also, my gpsd was showing 23% with cpu total 29 sec. Is this anything to worry about?
  18. tobiasleenaert

    tobiasleenaert New Member

    apparently my problem is even worse (galaxy S3, after JB update):

    i'm at 54% (it's 5.30 pm) after
    12 minutes of voice call
    13 minutes of screen
    8.55 minutes in stand by

    much worse than before JB
  19. Gardenol

    Gardenol New Member

    I have been having same issue since I updated to JB, started going through my menu's and noticed that my samsung account was no longer syncing, so that could be a possible issue as well if it's continuously trying to sync, but unable to.
  20. DonaldGreig

    DonaldGreig Well-Known Member

    I've traced my battery drain to Google location search. Once I switched this off, big difference.
  21. Dragon Fire

    Dragon Fire Member

    Hey guys, I recently got Jelly Bean(last night) and today I noticed the batery has drained about 30% quicker. At the moment it was at 28% battery after 7.5 hrs of use. The screen was on for 3hrs. When I had ICS it was much better than this, Im getting about 8 hrs on full charge with light use. It says my screen has taken 61% of the battery and Voice calls 33%. I keep my screen at 1/3 brightness. This is high compared to ICS and I thought Jelly bean was suppose to make things better. Do you guys have any ideas or tips on how to make my battery last AT LEAST as long as ICS did? BTW Im new here so Id appreciate the help!:D
  22. GoldenDiamond

    GoldenDiamond Well-Known Member

    turn off google now. that's the biggest battery eater in JB.
  23. Dragon Fire

    Dragon Fire Member

    How do I do that?
  24. Uppal007

    Uppal007 Member

    I've noticed the same as you, ICS battery was very good I'd get a whole day out of it no problem but since Jelly Bean I'm charging it twice a day :( . I've loaded Juice Defender and that seems to be a big help so maybe you should try that.
  25. Albie999

    Albie999 Well-Known Member

    Does Wi-Fi really drain the battery. I am sure I have read on one of the threads that wifi is a better option to have on, rather than just the data. However, I have been having highish battery drain over night ... 100% charge, 8 hrs, and it drains by 28% which seems quite a bit. I turned off the wifi last night, and it only drained about 13% so it seems it is a drain.

    I attach 2 dump files from betterbatterystats, does anyone on here understand them and can advise on what might be draining it. The 1st dump is with wifi on and the second with wifi off

    Thanks in advance

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