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  1. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    Because of this
    .. i might misunderstood it tho...
    So i think i'm gonna upgrade to that leaked 4.1.2 but should i do factory reset afterwards?

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  3. psydex

    psydex Active Member

    But what other options i have to fix the heating problem? Downgrading to GB? Or should i try factory reset now?
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Taken from the earlier link I posted for you...

  5. philu

    philu Active Member

    Ive updated to JellyBean as per the guides/links in this thread but I cant root. What can I do? Help please
  6. philu

    philu Active Member

    Ive also tried Rooting by using the RootToolKit from the XDA forum - that didnt work either
  7. philu

    philu Active Member

    Seems like this is what I need. How do I flash the zip file via Standard Android Recovery? Can someone explain this to me.
  8. geoffibs

    geoffibs Well-Known Member

    Easiest way is just to throw it onto another sd card, put it in and it can then be read from the standard recovery menu.

    That's what I did but I'm sure someone will be along with a different/better way - I'm a noob.
  9. philu

    philu Active Member

  10. upd103

    upd103 Active Member

    Sorry for the delayed response sir. Been moving around the country the last couple of days. Just so you know, Afghanistan is not the easiest place to move around either. ha ha

    Yes, I'm loving JB. I did get caught with my pants down though and forgot to re-check the "Download updates only over Wi-Fi" feature. Ate up quite a few units before I realized what had happened, but that's operator error. :D I don't think I will get the opportunity to experience all of the great features until I get back to the states though.

    I'm a little apprehensive. This is my first true unlocked phone and I'm not sure if I'm going to have to download the AT&T APN settings from somewhere when I get back, or if the AT&T SIM card will hook me up automatically. Guess it's something I will have to research within the next 17 days.

    BTW, 7 months straight is along time away from the wife. :D
  11. philu

    philu Active Member

    Possible glitch. Anyone else with this issue?

    If I want to send a Text I select New Message and write it, but when I go to top of screen to 'Enter Recipient' the phone fails to find my Contact List and crashes
  12. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    Tried it. No, this does not happen on mine.
  13. Ijaz Ahmed

    Ijaz Ahmed Well-Known Member

    No such issue here as well- did you perform a factory data reset after flashing the JB ?
  14. blobq

    blobq Well-Known Member


    quick question, is the XXLJS an official kernal or from a developer?

    Ive rooted but still on GB (i know :rolleyes:) i want to use this kernal but not sure what i need to download.

    I am currently using this on my phon.

    checkrom Revo HD V6
    siyah 2.6.12
    baseband XXLPH

    i want to update this with JB but not sure what i need, can anyone help?
  15. Ijaz Ahmed

    Ijaz Ahmed Well-Known Member

    This is official and stock kernel, as it comes with stock ROM.

    Do you mean you want to flash only the kernel from this JB ROM ? Doing so will end up with a bricked or boot loops.

    First make a backup and remove any lagfix if you have applied. Next download the full firmware and flash through Odin.
  16. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I would start by reading the instructions for flashing this firmware that are given in post #1. ;)
  17. blobq

    blobq Well-Known Member

    thanks ironass, however there is no link in post #1

    This version will need to be flashed via the Odin PC Suite using the instructions in post #1, here, under the heading, "My firmware is not eligible for ICS yet but I want it now!".
  18. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    How odd! It was there the other day. Have amended post.
  19. blobq

    blobq Well-Known Member


    so i download the XXLJS, do i need to install any modems & kernals or are these all in the XXLJS ?
  20. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    It is a complete Samsung stock firmware with the latest JB kernel and modem.
  21. philu

    philu Active Member

    I performed a factory reset BEFORE installing JB. I thought that was all that was necessary. So a factory reset is necessary AFTER installation of new firmware!? Dont quite understand that

    Well, ive got my phone up and running now just as I like it so guess ive got to live with this problem unless I can find the time. Any other way to deal with this without going back to factory data reset?
  22. blobq

    blobq Well-Known Member

    nice and easy.

  23. willis456

    willis456 New Member

    hi, if i do this will i lose all my data, ie/ photos, videos, contacts? if so how do i prevent it? can i back it up through kies then restore after ive updaed to jellybean? thanks, will.
  24. geoffibs

    geoffibs Well-Known Member

    You won't lose anything on the SD card, but things like texts, etc. you will because you should do a factory reset first. If you use gmail the contacts will re-sync.

    Always take a copy of as much as you can though.

    I used titanium backup and backed everything off. Then manually installed the apps and restored just the app data. Worked a treat.
  25. max0603

    max0603 Member

    It's like having a new phone. Saves me a few quid upgrading!

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