Jelly Bean on Galaxy Nexus

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  1. KyleB

    KyleB Well-Known Member

    Mobile Syrup is reporting JB update is rolling out...But here in CDA I believe it is dependant on the carrier releasing it, correct?

    Anyone who is not rooted get their JB from their carrier?

    I'm on 4.0.2, Rogers still has not released 4.0.4. Grrr. Got this phone thinking I'd get the updates right away but still have to depend on Rogers.

  2. KyleB

    KyleB Well-Known Member

    ps. people on Rogers forum are saying that it is samsung responsible for updates and not Rogers on the
  3. KyleB

    KyleB Well-Known Member

    Mobile Syrup has now deleted article re the upgrade
  4. newuser1

    newuser1 Active Member

    As far as I know all Canadian Galaxy Nexus phones regardless of Carrier are running the yakjuux stream which is controlled by Samsung. Mine was on 4.0.1 up until this week which was pitiful so I finally took the plunge and flashed to 4.0.4 yakju, and then applied the OTA update ZIP to bring that to 4.1.1 JB.

    Both processes weren't that hard and I'm very glad I did it.

    [HOW-TO] [GSM & CDMA] Convert to latest yakju/takju/mysid (incl JB) / Return to stock - xda-developers
    [REF] [HOW-TO] [GSM & CDMA] Official Google OTA update URLs -- Latest: JRO03C 4.1.1 - xda-developers

    Worth looking into at least, though we really shouldn't have to do this step and Samsung should keep our phones as up to date as Google is doing with yakju, otherwise how are ours Nexus?
  5. Crimson13

    Crimson13 Well-Known Member

    I'm running a stock Nexus S purchased from Rogers and still operating on Rogers which updated OTA to JB 4.1.1 about 2 weeks ago. 2 friends of mine have also been updated.

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