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  1. wearethewave

    wearethewave New Member

    Im new to these forums, so don't hate.

    I had a chat with Motorola asking about the supposed update to JB today.
    Unfortunately, they said the update will not be today, and there is no time given for it.
    Could they be serious it's not today? Or are they just not allowed to give that information?

  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums, wearethewave!!

    Droid razr M Jelly Bean update today? I haven't heard of that rumor. With my experience with VZW customer service in regards of updates, they can't tell you anything and if they do tell you something...more than likely it's not true. :p

    I think some Android news sites...(like this one) know more about update release dates than VZW customer service. :)

    PS- I'll move this to the Razr M sub forum and send you a link via PMs. You can check out the sub forum and meet all of your fellow Razr M owners at the same time.

    Have a good one!

    Edit: I see where you heard that rumor. I googled it and yeah it looks like there were rumors about a JB release for the M.
  3. simpledave

    simpledave Member

    Bad news for today

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