Jelly Bean or ?? for the Droid X

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  1. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    My rooted X is so solid/stable/effective that I've completely forgotten how to change ROMs or make any other tweaks. Well, I'm halfway through my 8th decade, so forgetting is pretty normal.

    But the grass is always greener, and I'd like to try something new. IIRC, I pick a ROM, store it (compressed) at the top level on the SD card, boot into recovery, wipe and wipe, load that new ROM, and re-assemble.

    Or will Verizon shoot me an OTA Jelly Bean update?

    If not, what's a good/solid/complete ROM these days - and where do I get it (XDA, hopefully)??


    Old dog looking for new tricks

  2. svensett

    svensett Well-Known Member

    Very highly doubt VZN will upgrade the DX to Jellybean, since it wasn't on the list for ICS. CM9 is a pretty stable ICS ROM. That's what I was running before moving on to the S3. There are a few other ICS based ROMs that others have used, but CM9 is the only one I have experience.
  3. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    So CM9 is my best bet?

    I'll be grateful if you provide some guidance. I rooted this myself, and installed a blur-based ROM on it at the time, but have not touched it since.

  4. tazmanmo55

    tazmanmo55 Active Member

    Here ya go......everything you need to know about rooting!

    ***Motorola Droid X Rooting Guide*** (updated 10/10/11)

    I'm currently running BlackICE shadow Kangorade 40.5 which is a very stable ICS ROM and quite fun to play with besides superb functionality. I don't hold out much hope for a JellyBean version but, that's what I thought about ICS for the DX so, who knows. There are a few different ICS ROMs out there and CM, BlackICE and MIUI v4 2.6 are just a few I've used and would highly recommend.

    Anyway, Good Luck with whatever version you choose!
  5. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member


    I now have a ROOTED DroidX, and found GOO as a source for that Kangorade ROM but it's not on the list provided in your reference.
    I would like to ensure that it's a source you recommend, and that it will be compatible with my phone as seen below:

    My phone is already ROOTED (1-click, Tony D'Sousa? from more than a year ago), here's what the About gives me:

    System 4.5.621.MB810,Verizon.en.US
    Android version 2.3.4
    Kernel version mcbk83@il93lnxdroid08 #1
    ERI version 5
    PRL version 52797

  6. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member


    Rooted DroidX

    Nandroid backup
    Apps backup
    LauncherPro Plus backup
    Fingers crossed

    Kangorade 40.5, Gapps, and BlackIce Gapps downloaded and loaded on the top level of my SD card

    Boot into Recovery

    Wipe Data/Factory Reset -- what else?

    Flash the new ROM, then stock Gapps, then BlackIce Gapps



    Is that correct?
  7. tazmanmo55

    tazmanmo55 Active Member

    Sorry.....didn't realize you are on the .621 ROM (that list is a little outdated too). Unfortunately, due to the change that .621 makes to the bootloader version, you won't be able to use any of the ROMs I suggested. The most you can hope for, if you still want to try something different, is to SBF down to .604 or stay on .621 and try some of the custom ROMs on this list:
    [ROMS] Multi-ROM Thread - Blur-Based ROMs for those on .621/.604!

    I have used mobile_sensei's mods in the past but, that was for Froyo and GingerBread roms up to the .602 and .605 ROMs and you are on a modified GB ROM that prevents any of the older Froyo, GB and the ICS ROMs from working. The link I posted here gives a full explanation of the difference and the OP has included modified ROMs that will allow you to flash some GB ROMs that he modded for the version you are on. Make sure you keep close attention to the flashing steps and hope you find something you like. :D
  8. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    Looks like this particular Droid X is doomed to remain where it is.

    Nothing I do will get it into a true recovery mode, enabling nandroid, etc. I *can* get to the triangle and exclamation mark, but further manipulation goes nowhere. I *can* get to an abbreviated pseudo-recovery menu, but it only has 3 items on it, of which one is reboot and the others are useless.

    Even the app Quickboot (which I uninstalled and reinstalled) doesn't work...
  9. Savagerun

    Savagerun Active Member

    Too get in clockwork recovery to flash a rom you'll need the droid2 bootstrap app. Yes droid2 not droidx, droid2 bootstrap works great on gingerbread.
    Edit*********just read thru your thread and you said you rooted more than a year ago and your on 4.5.621 now. That would mean your not rooted anymore if you took the recent 621 update unless you used the rootkeeper app before you took the 621 update.
  10. tazmanmo55

    tazmanmo55 Active Member

    Hey, man.....sorry for the late response....yard work, pool cleaning, etc....*Savagerun* is correct, you'll need Droid2 Bootstrapper in order to boot into recovery and if its been that long ago since you rooted and you've updated OTA, by most chances, you no longer are rooted. I, like most, stayed away from the .621 update until there was more info available. Unless you installed rootkeeper, you'll need to re-root and luckily, there have been a few methods made available recently that will allow you to root on a .621 that the older ways won't work. If you find that you are not rooted any longer, here ya go:

    .621 Root Method - For new OTA Update

    Again, make sure you follow the steps and pay close attention to the little things as this is the Linux method and will require using Ubuntu to do the job.

    Good Luck and post with any questions or updates..
  11. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    That explains why I cannot get into Recovery, and why Titanium Pro no longer works (I haven't done a backup in a long, long time -- it's been so stable that my paranoia is long gone). I just downloaded RootChecker, which confirmed the bad news.

    So... I have a great Droid X that's not rooted but strangely seems to do some things that a rooted phone will do. For example, some of the things that I froze using Titanium are still frozen.

    What should I do to get back to square one -- RE-ROOT, etc. Or is it even possible or practical to do it? I DON'T HAVE A LINUX MACHINE!!

  12. Savagerun

    Savagerun Active Member

  13. tazmanmo55

    tazmanmo55 Active Member

    Again, you can follow what info Savagerun provided or use the link I provided. It will allow you to sbf and root in almost the same manner. The only difference is 1KDS is all inclusive but, it's still Ubuntu Linux none the less. If you'd have read the info that the link provided, you would have seen that all of this was explained. If your not familiar with Linux, Ubuntu is a LIVE CD that does not require installation. It is a Linux OS that runs right from the disc with no changes to your current system. The steps are easy but, you have to read it first. Saves a lot of time. Good Luck!

    NOTE: Here's another way. This will get you a .621 already rooted and deodexed. In fact, there are a couple stock ROMS on this page that may or may not interest you. Just adding to your options.

    Looking for Rooted .621 with 15p Radio?
  14. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    This looks like the simplest path to ROOT plus a respectable choice of ROMs. I *will* screw it up, of course, but am encouraged by reading that the DX appears to be nearly unbrickable. I may test that...

  15. tazmanmo55

    tazmanmo55 Active Member

    I've done a lot and thought I came close but, I was always able to bring 'er back to life. The only reason most beginners think they bricked their DX is they just didn't do enough research or try that 1 last time. I am in the camp that unless you drive a truck or steamroller over it, there's a chance it's not bricked. Anyway, make sure you take your time and cross all the "t's" and dot the "i's" and you should have no problem and, may in fact have an X that makes things interesting again. Post back with any questions or progress and always...Good Luck! :D
  16. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    Very true indeed. I had a lot of minor issues with my DX and decided to get rid of Vortex and root and start over clean.
    Typical of me..........i soft bricked the thing and in the middle of trying to SBF the battery went dead! Thought i was totally messed up then but got a fresh battery and kept trying, finally i am back to stock, took the OTA updates and i now have a great backup phone to have in case i have issues with my new phones :):)

    Like he said, don't give up...............
  17. Savagerun

    Savagerun Active Member

    Once you get yourself rooted you can flash any of the 2nd init roms for the droidx which include cm7, liquid 1.5,miui and all the ics roms aokp, gummy, kangorade, cm9,project omap,miui ics and there's probably a couple i forgot but you can flash those without any problems. The only ones that had to be patched to work with 604/621 are the blur based roms which tazman already gave you a link for so you have a nice selection to choose from. Im a fan of Aokp as far as ics roms go. Good luck....
  18. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    Thanks to a bright young geek and the great help here, my DX is now RE-rooted and running ICS/Bummy plus Apex. And my hair is growing back.

    With gratitude

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