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  1. f3bruary

    f3bruary Member

    So today they pushed JB to Razr I's in Holland. I downloaded it (300MB) and installed it and here's what I think so far.

    1. The transistions are a bit slower than on ICS. It's fluent but the timing is just longer. Something I do not like...

    2. The control buttons seem to have become more intelligent. For example if a drop down menu is opened, the 'back' icon changes and upon press it will close the drop down menu first, then the icon will change back to an back arrow.

    Also, the control buttons turned blue in ICS, the are grey in JB.

    3. The task manager seemed a but laggy, just a little bit. I noticed a little stutter in the animations.

    4. The notifications screen is different, it looks more clean and shows time and date now. It also lowers the brightness when you slide down, nice detail but I don't know if I like this or hate it yet....

    Jelly Bean does not feel more smooth in particular. But I would like it if more people would share their experience here.

    I'll post some updates too soon.

    UPDATE: The 'Sleep' options is no more when holding the standby button to poweroff. Also, when you hold the home button a 'swipe out' icon (like lock screen) appears for google search. I can't find an option to add items unfortunately though.

  2. Jeltz

    Jeltz Member

    Swipe up from the home screen "button" gives Google Now which has cards that can give you information such as traffic and weather.

    There seems to be a file manager included now and an option in the camera settings to turn of the shutter sound.When adding widgets to the home screens other icons move around to make space for them which is a nice feature.

    It doesn't seem to add a lot and transitions are not quite as smooth but its very minor both on the negative and positives.
  3. flashsam

    flashsam Well-Known Member

    Did you do a full reset after installing the update? Some say this is recommended. I wonder if that would help 'smooth' things out?
  4. f3bruary

    f3bruary Member

    I've found another issue. One that many have and seems to be fixed, just not on the version motorola pushed. The issue occurs when you try to install non-english dictionaries. Upon refresh is still shows that it's available but it won't install. I use english and dutch dict's so it's annoying for me
  5. Jeltz

    Jeltz Member

    On the up side I have some appointments in my calendar today and one has the address in the where section so that I can use Navigation to get there.

    Google Now has just calculated the travelling time and given me a reminder 10 minutes before I have to leave in order to to get there on time.

    How cool is that! I'm very impressed
  6. f3bruary

    f3bruary Member

    Locking is often not fluent. The animation lags. Also I've noticed lag while multitasking in JB. Minor though
  7. f3bruary

    f3bruary Member

    I'm noticing poor wifi signal too, even close to a access point. I bought my razr I like 2 weeks ago, but I never experienced this on ICS.
  8. Cardboard

    Cardboard Member

    Has anyone noticed a decrease in battery life after the update? I used to be able to get two full days use but now I'm having to charge it every night!
  9. f3bruary

    f3bruary Member

    No difference in battery life on my phone. Also I installed nova launcher to get faster transitions and swift keyboard to get rid of androids keyboard bug. The wifi issue I was previously experiencing was due to the access point so nothing wrong on the phones part.

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