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  1. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    JellyBean hasn't been released for the One X yet, are you confusing it with the Sense 4.1 update?

  2. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Well-Known Member

    That won't help you with the Jelly Bean update though because you're on a branded phone your CID number won't match, meaning we'll have to wait for the official update from the carrier.

    Unless HTC give us S-OFF that is.

    I'm on T-Mobile so can't flash the leaked Jelly Bean ROM :(
  3. kilasix9

    kilasix9 Well-Known Member

    Yes, HTC will have Jelly Bean ready by the end of October but who knows when the carriers will release the update to its customers. I'm honestly considering getting the Nexus 2 whenever it comes this year. I'm tired of waiting on manufacturers and carriers to give us updates.
  4. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Just to let you know that the JB update for HOX is currently in beta test with the members of HTC Elevate (which I am part of).

    HTC have told us the update will rollout at the start of november, once the beta testing has finished.

    This is about as much as I am allowed to tell you.:)
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  5. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Is that the international version?
  6. coos lick

    coos lick Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update - much appreciated. Had hoped for it to be sooner though - sometime in October had been mentioned before.

    I'm in the UK, so if the rollout happens as per previous, we will receive it on unbranded handsets two weeks after mainland Europe - which puts us at mid November.

    Fingers crossed the beta testing goes well so hopefully nothing major is found and they can release sooner!
  7. jcdub

    jcdub Well-Known Member

    Hopefully branded European phones, Vodafone in my case will have it out by Christmas...
    I now have JB on my Asus TF201. It is a little smoother and quicker but nothing revolutionary compared to ICS. So I can wait for it to be released. Hopefully next Summer when I go for a new phone mobile tech will take a good leap forward especially in battery tech.
    I believe window system phones will be a lot stronger in 2013. I wouldn't rule out going to Windows.
    One thing that annoys me about android compared to Apple is when you upgrade to a new model you have to back up your apps etc and then spend ages setting up your phone again, unlike Apple just plug it in and sync, job done. Now if JB brought a sync into the game or something similar that would be a nice addition
  8. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member


    You should be able to keep all your settings and apps on your goolgle account. When you get a new device when you sign in it will ask you if you want to restore your new device with the settings stored. I upgraded from a TF101 to a TF700t and all my settings including my DNS settings were all restored. Have you the sync turned on in your google account.

    Animations in JB and Google+ voice search is great. Well worth an update.
  9. jcdub

    jcdub Well-Known Member


    Some general settings are there alright. But I would physically have to download the apps if I didn't have back up pro which also puts everything back where they where originally. Another thing I use is app list backup, which fetches the apps I use from the market. Maybe Asus is a better setup than that of HTC for syncing?
  10. krudra

    krudra Active Member

    any idea when it will come out in india?? We have unbranded phones here..
  11. kilasix9

    kilasix9 Well-Known Member

    U.S. carrier branded One X's, from what I read, will be updated to JB in December.
  12. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    Not until December but I want it now! Lol does this mean that is when the One X+ will be released for the USA in December?
  13. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    Yes. Just the international version.
  14. polaris68

    polaris68 Member

    Samsung are releasing JB onto the S3 in Europe today.

    Up your game HTC!
  15. kilasix9

    kilasix9 Well-Known Member

    Not sure but it makes business sense to release the One X+ before releasing Jelly Bean on the One X. They are going to use Jelly Bean as a big selling point.

    I'm only speculating of course.
  16. njbrunnock

    njbrunnock Member

    I'm an active member of Elevate and have seen or heard nothing of a Jellybean Beta test, other than members wishing for one.

  17. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    The trail started on the 2nd October.

    If you login to elevate, then click the Disscusions tab, its abouth the 8th discussion down the page.:)
  18. njbrunnock

    njbrunnock Member

    Thanks Fonzig, but there are 17 discussions in total. None of them are about Jellybean.
  19. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    It does say that its a private disscussion, so you may not be able to see it.

    I will PM the link to you:)
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  20. GingerRob

    GingerRob Well-Known Member

    Just read on The Gadget Show websote, JB is being rolled out to the S3 on O2 and Three networks now.
  21. polaris68

    polaris68 Member

  22. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    HTC is failing by now bring jb to the states before the GS 3.
  23. jimbobcook

    jimbobcook Well-Known Member

    I see that the one x role out has begun has anyone actually got it in Europe?

  24. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    We've got a thread now that's been pseudo tasked with discussing when people get the update. Its a sticky thread in this category. I don't think we have anyone in Europe that's confirmed getting the update yet.
  25. jimbobcook

    jimbobcook Well-Known Member

    Ahhh I see it now... My tapatalk thing was set to participated and not all lol my bad

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