Jelly Bean update for Australian owners?General

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  1. grinderz

    grinderz New Member

    Has anyone got the update yet or knows when it will be released? Noticed the wifi/cell model from Telstra is shipped with JB? I'd love JB on my wifi model?

  2. codral

    codral Well-Known Member

    Probably not much help but I've got an unbranded one and no update yet...
  3. sib0rg

    sib0rg Well-Known Member

    I have the wifi model and just updated the official jb firmware manually via odin. Everything seems to take a long time to get here
  4. codral

    codral Well-Known Member

    Mine has just started downloading ota, a "software package" , assuming it's jb because this is up to date... odd that there was no message asking whether I'd like to update though... so I'm thinking could maybe be just some Samsung app poss... has the two arrows in task bar tho...
  5. codral

    codral Well-Known Member

    Wait its 505mb... woo, must be jb... I'm in Victoria btw (Australia), have a WiFi only model...

    Edit, failed at 95% 0o , now stuck on connecting to server... meh sleep, tomorrow hopefully jb.
  6. grinderz

    grinderz New Member

    Yep got mine last night (vers. 4.1.2), took about 20 minutes to download and no problems with the installation. Glad it finally arrived.
  7. Got mine Thursday it was available Wednesday when I checked. I purchased my 10.1 in October when I saw JB was available but have had to wait this long to get it and I'm so fricken blown away by it. Why ANYONE still uses ipads when this is on the market is beyond me!

    I want to have its babies it's that good

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