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  1. andrzewi

    andrzewi Well-Known Member

    I've got update to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 last night through KIES 2.5 after few hours of struggle on my Samasung laptop unfortunatelly.
    It has a few new things among which is a female voice announcer telling me on which page of my seven home screens I am at the moment. I would like to turn it off (the voice only for that annoucement).
    Anyone knows how to do this? Please.
    Thank you,

    BTW, I like have my alarms voiced and briefing on issues I choose.

  2. andrzewi

    andrzewi Well-Known Member

    I did it! I fixed it myself today.
  3. sastry123

    sastry123 New Member

    Are there any Samsung Galaxy s3 groups in Ottawa that meet frequently.

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