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Jelly Bean USB Mass StorageGeneral

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  1. robdec17

    robdec17 Well-Known Member

    I am using a generic USB cable I had sitting around and it works fine. I have tried 3 cable and they all work.

  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    You lucked out.

    What is special about the Motorola cable is Motorola Quality Control.

    A generic cable might work and it might not. The Motorola cable will work (unless there is a problem with the port).

    Recommendation ... keep the Motorola cable around as a safeguard. Try others if you like. If you run into a problem swap in the Motorola cable. If the problem goes away ... well ... you get the point.

    ... Thom
  3. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Mass storage mode is better in all regards:

    1. It is a LOT LOT faster reading files and directories
    2. Can have multiple folders open
    3. Folder drag and drop into other folders (a problem more than not with MTP)
    4. Works with more devices and cables
    5. It is a LOT faster writing files
    6. It is less intrusive
    7. Can edit files and folders while transferring data
    8. MTP is designed mainly for media files, so can be a problem if trying to copy an entire drive for backup.
    9. MTP has problems sometimes reading all files and can easily stop working and need a replug of the storage to get working again. MTP can sometimes "freak out" with non-media files.

    MTP sucks butt compared to mass storage mode.

    Added: Mass storage was the number one reason I almost turned my GS3 in for the HD Maxx, in spite of the 17% smaller usable display and weaker camera. Since now the same as the GS3 with the same lame a$$ MTP, no reason to change.

    I think the reason Moto zapped it is no more lapdock support. Perhaps that was in the custom feature set some time ago, but there was a dev lag for removing the feature. Mass storage mode was needed for the lapdock to work as designed for the external storage ports. Mass storage mode went away like the lapdocks.
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  4. pegs520

    pegs520 Well-Known Member

    Really? It's crazy, I have had none of those problems so far on jb.

    How the heck could it be intrusive? That just sounds made up.
  5. budfox66

    budfox66 Well-Known Member

    robdec17, i have windows xp, not 7. maybe thats the diff? otherwise i have the moto drivers installed, and i got my companionlink calendar to sync this morn. my phone shows up as a camera device if my usb settings are ptp, but it does not show up at all if set to mtp, or media device. still playing with the settings but no help at all from moto...wonder if something is wrong with my phone, or if it is really a win 7 thing? thanks for your responses though!!

    btw, are you using usb debugging ON setting on the phone?
  6. PowrDroid

    PowrDroid Well-Known Member

    Maybe there are different moto drivers for different versions of Windows. Are you running the Moto drivers for Windows XP? You might need an older version of the Moto drivers for XP.
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Everything described are problems with MTP, since not a function designed with file managing in mind, but media file trasfer. How is something that is less functional not intrusive to function? It is disruptive compared to mass storage.


    Another point not mentioned is files are very awkward to playback using MTP as the external source. Mass storage provides direct playback without a file mirror on the device needed to be created.

    Given your conjecture of me making something up, it seems that given my points are based on facts- you are the one making stuff up :)

    No way to have the same overall function as mass storage using MTP.
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  8. kishin14

    kishin14 Well-Known Member

    Rush is right on all his points. MTP is inferior in many ways to mass storage. However, if all you ever do is drag and drop files from your PC to your phone, then you really won't notice much difference. The only things that really bothers me is the slow transfer speeds when transferring numerous files at once and that you can't navigate through the rest of the sdcard while transferring a file from you PC to the phone. I have a collection of 500+ wallpapers and it always takes forever to transfer via MTP.

    However, one big plus (for me anyway) that MTP offers is that you don't need to mount/unmount the sdcard. This means you can access all the files on your sdcard while still plugged into your PC.
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  9. robdec17

    robdec17 Well-Known Member

    Yes I have debugging on
  10. JIMV

    JIMV Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with one thing...the basic idea of a operating system upgrade is to let the software do more, not less.
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  11. budfox66

    budfox66 Well-Known Member

    Again, thanks jimv, my sentiments exactly. BTW, Clemens was a sharp dude, nice quote!
  12. recDNA

    recDNA Well-Known Member

    Rarely, but it SHOULD
  13. budfox66

    budfox66 Well-Known Member

    Good news! I did locate a pc with win7, and drag/drop works flawlessly, without downloading any drivers!! So after trying on 4 machines with win xp(none work ums), and one win 7 ive concluded that a win 7 upgrade is a must. need a new computer for work anyway, so might as well go for it...on 6yr old tech now and slow. Not looking forward to the massive learning curve for me but happy to know that RMHD will stick around. Another note, i did the factory data reset, which did not fix the drag/drop ums issue but it did fix many other issues, as noted by previous posters. Thanks for your patience in assisting me in coming to this final conclusion.
  14. PowrDroid

    PowrDroid Well-Known Member

    Good to hear. BTW, I made the switch from XP to Win 7 last spring when I built myself a new computer. There is no massive learning curve. It's a pretty easy transition.
  15. robdec17

    robdec17 Well-Known Member

    Glad you finally have it working. Drag and drop works flawless on mine.
  16. Raryn

    Raryn Well-Known Member

    The android file transfer program you have to use on a mac if you're using the MTP is awful. Slow and unwieldy. Sigh.

    Hope there's an app solution for USB mass storage sooner rather than later.
  17. hansangb

    hansangb Well-Known Member

    Have you tried any of the FTP server programs? That should work for MAC users.
  18. SoftDad

    SoftDad Member

    What are your thinking Google & Moto?!! Bright shiny new RAZR M, updated to wonderful Jelly Bean. ZAP - no USB mass storage. My major purposes for having this fancy gadget just went POOF, gone! And my nice 32GB SD is toast.

    Yeah, yeah, the cloud is wonderful, but that doesn't mean you burn the rest of us who have built up extremely useful infrastructures that are now useless. I hope somebody is listening...
  19. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    I have an alienware laptop with Windows 7 Pro and when I plug in my Razr Maxx HD, it shows up as a portable drive. I can drag and drop files and folders both from my Maxx HD (both internal storage and my SD card) to my laptop and vice-versa.

    I to am not a big fan of the cloud so the ability to move files back and forth is a requirement.
  20. drtrask

    drtrask Active Member

    Drag-and-drop may work flawlessly, but there are several folders from my computer that I'd like to automatically update on my droid when it's connected via USB. That worked well with mass storage, as it was a mountable-disk and would work with SyncBack or other automated backup programs.

    With the MTP protocol, one can simply do drag-and-drop but cannot mount it as a disk that automated copy programs can access. Such an "advancement" in the OS is actually a step back into the stone-age when it comes to copying files to an SD card from the PC's hard drive.

    (Granted, I could use a program like SugarSync to access files from the cloud - but syncing via cable kept me "up to date" and didn't use up any of my monthly data allotment.

    Just my 2
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  21. budfox66

    budfox66 Well-Known Member

    i totally agree with you drtrask! major step backwards with no ums capability. hope moto will reconsider and allow ums in future...but not likely since clouds are/will be revenue generators and mine for marketable data.
  22. itsanaece

    itsanaece New Member

    I recently installed a custom jb 4.2 rom only to find that ums wasn't working. It would connect my computer in MTP mode which was annoying so I tried to find a way to change it back to ums and finally found that the option is hidden away in system settings-->storage. Once you're on that page, open the hidden options menu and "USB computer connection" option should show up. Im not sure how you would access this hidden menu since the HD maxx doesnt have physical hard keys (my phone, the SGS2, has an "options" touch key next to the physical menu button). Once you access this menu, you should have no problem getting ums mode to work.
    Ive attached some pictures below.


    ums on jb 4.1/4.2 is possible, you just gotta get to the hidden menu.

  23. Lykarsis

    Lykarsis Well-Known Member Contributor

    Have any of you guys tried airdroid? or wifi transfer pro? i don't even use my cable anymore.
  24. ianargent

    ianargent Member

    Google has deprecated mass storage mode in android for reasons having to do with file system complexity. There was a post about it around the launch of the Galaxy Nexus.
  25. DaremoS

    DaremoS New Member

    Android always have had 3 modes of connections to PC: MTP, PTP and UMS.
    MTP - Media Device is used to transfer MEDIA files
    PTP - Camera is used to transfer photos
    UMS - Mass Storage is used to transfer ALL TYPE of files.

    Since JB (Jelly Bean) an coincidentally with the announcement of Google Nexus 7, device that NOT HAVE sd card. Google android have decided to remove sd card or USB mass storage.

    MTP sucks compared with UMS!!!

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