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  1. Grecho

    Grecho Well-Known Member

    Woke up this morning to an update!!! Sweet, My phone is running sooo sooo smooth, and i like the new lock screen as well as the new icons, Very very happy with this update.

    They removed my live wallpaper i used, but oh well... phone is running very smooth!

  2. fullerne

    fullerne Well-Known Member

    Got it this morning too. What differences did you notice with the lockscreen? Only thing I saw was a different font for time and date
  3. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Got mine too, downloading as I speak. I've had JB on my Galaxy Nexus since it was released in July so i'm quite anxious to get it on my HD Maxx. I'll post back once its installed and I get to play around with it.
  4. Grecho

    Grecho Well-Known Member

    I like the new screen transitions too.... when launching an app... its cool

    as far as the lock screen, yea thats it, haha but i like it.

    I dont like how they took the transparency out of the notification bar when pulled down, but they added transparency to the notf. bar when on the home screen.
  5. kishin14

    kishin14 Well-Known Member

    I got it too this morning. Was going to install the leak but decided to wait for the OTA. Everything's fairly smooth except the launcher. I have four folders with 9 apps in two and 12 apps in two others. The ones with 12 apps stutter when opening. Not all the time, but enough that it's noticeable. This also happened on ICS. Also, I get redraws every time I exit the Google Play Store and go back to the home screen after I've updated some apps. I don't ever remember that happening on ICS.

    Again, everything else is silky smooth. No lag or stutter on any of my other apps. The new transitions are also smooth outside of when they occur from the home screen. Interestingly, quad and antutu scores are only marginally higher. I know benchmark test don't mean a whole lot, but I'd still expect a better score. All in all, I'm happy with the update and I love Google Now.
  6. jcfish

    jcfish New Member

    I wish I could customize the apps on the lock screen. I would switch to email and some others.
  7. Grecho

    Grecho Well-Known Member

    Im getting notifications through bluetooth too!
  8. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    How do you change which applications you can use? I use a different dialer, camera, and txt app. When I got the phone on ICS I was able to change them but when JB installed it reverted them back.
  9. GundaRaj

    GundaRaj New Member

    I love the improvement in chrome - the browser is just blazing fast. Very happy with the update :).
  10. Dan3426

    Dan3426 Member

    Am I the only one who lost "Sleep Mode"? Only options now are "Power Off" & "Airplane Mode".
  11. Grecho

    Grecho Well-Known Member

    lost sleep too... haha didnt even notice because i never use it
  12. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Crossed over from another thread:

    JB downloaded and updated in New Hampshire! So far noticed a couple small things: Sound/silent/vibrate switch on the lock screen has moved to the top left side which I like because I'm left-handed so easier one-hand operation; Google search bar changed to a solid opaque which I don't like and will see if I can change back to just the outline; camera seems exactly the same as ICS - I thought the look was going to change based on some posts I'd read; no real noticeable difference in speed but then I never had any problems or lagginess with ICS anyway; The back/home/recents buttons have changed a little bit and look a little different; Light Flow was turned off - turned it back on but have yet to test; battery seems about the same but will know more tonight after a day's worth of normal usage. I'll report back later on that.
  13. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have been running JB for a few days now. I haven't noticed any major improvements compared to ICS. There are a few cosmetic changes and the notification drawer adds more functionality. Speed is the same as ICS for me. I never had lag in ICS, though. The Circles Widget is fixed to keep saved settings for notifications.

    Some of my apps don't like JB. I may revert back to ICS and go to JB at a later date when more development is done for JB.
  14. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Interesting - I haven't noticed any non-functionality with old apps yet, but then I also haven't played with most of them. What apps specifically 'don't like' JB? It would helpful if we identified the apps that don't work as well with JB as they did with ICS.

    I agree for the most part - not much improvement but didn't have an performance issues with ICS anyway.
  15. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member Contributor

    It is not really specific apps, but ported over apps. I love the Sony Walkman music player and think it is the best android music player available. Everything worked great with ICS, but w/ JB some functions don't work. I am thinking of flashing back to ICS just for that and wait for Sony phones to get the JB update.
  16. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member Contributor

    You might need to reset up your default apps for each of those. You could also try Default App Manager from the Play Store.
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  17. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    Got mine last night. I noticed better screen/app transition speed on stock launcher. But it's still not as smooth as my Gnex was with stock JB. Razr HD seems to have a lot of bloats loaded to memory though its UI looks close to stock android, so maybe that's why it feels more laggy than Gnex. But in Nova launcher RHD is very smooth.

    Another con I noticed on RHD is that it doesn't allow to disable some verizon bloats like verizon video, VZ navigator, etc. I can only force close them in all section of app setting. Is there any way to disable verizon bloats without root or force closing them is just like disabling?
  18. lowboydrvr

    lowboydrvr Well-Known Member

    You have to uninstall the updates to these apps first, then you will be able to disable them.
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  19. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    I'll give that a shot, thanks.
  20. rogand

    rogand Member

    Interesting. Mine seems to have kept my live wall paper. Works great so far, and it's SO nice to have it (almost) match my Nex7 in OS.

    So, after running the update this morning, I noticed that it started with an opening screen with three little guided tour type things. Only had time to do two of the three before heading to work. Does anyone know how to access those or replay them?

  21. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    When you were using your Gnex were you using the stock message app? When I had my Gnex with rooted Jellybean I thought there was a quick reply option built into the stock message app. I guess it could've been a ROM thing but I was looking forward to so I could ditch Go SMS.
  22. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    I was using stock message app in Gnex on JB. it had quick reply in the app.

    Thanks to lowboydrvr for tip for disabling verizon bloats. Will give it try.
  23. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    I really wish the stock app on the Maxx had it. Might have to root.
  24. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else noticed the volume levels have decreased a lot on ICS to JB. Before I hardly had to keep it above 50% for the ringer and notifications but now I have it maxed out. What a pain!
  25. me10lee83

    me10lee83 Well-Known Member

    I lost my live wallpaper too. Anyone know of another one similar to the sky & grass one that changes colors based on the time of day?

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