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  1. RHS

    RHS Active Member

    Also noticed that when you hang up a phone call, the screen stays on the recent call list. It used to revert back to the home screen after you completed a call. I prefer the old way.

  2. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    I agree.
  3. jigz23

    jigz23 Member

    It also seems that my issue with laggy screen dimming has not gone away with jb. Is anyone else noticing that when the screen dims before turning off the dimming is very jagged and not a smooth dimming?
  4. tomad9

    tomad9 New Member

    In ICS I was able to use the voice input (Microphone next to keyboard) when texting or doing an email. Now it does nothing unless the google search is enabled and will only activate google search but not input anything. Am I missing something after the update to JB or was this changed.
    Thank you.
  5. pegs520

    pegs520 Well-Known Member

    I'm using a microphone on the keyboard right now.

    it works fine for me
  6. AndroidLover22

    AndroidLover22 New Member

    I have noticed, sadly, that Jelly Bean has slowed down my phone the DRMHD. Some apps don't perform well and I've already tried clearing partition 3 times. It helps a little but not a lot. A big bug that I noticed is in the task switcher. For me the background goes black instead of transparent when switching tasks and I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue?
  7. fullerne

    fullerne Well-Known Member

    Do you mean when using the recent apps button? If so, mine is doing that a bit. In general the transitions are smoother, but that has happened two or three times
  8. AndroidLover22

    AndroidLover22 New Member

    Yeah the recent apps button. Mine does it every time. Whenever I use it the background is black. In ICS the background was transparent. If I look at it in a dark room I actually see that there are horiztonal grey lines but in a normal room it just looks black. I'm pretty sure this is a bug but I was wondering if it was just my device or if this was happening to other people too.
  9. AndroidLover22

    AndroidLover22 New Member

    Since I updated to Jelly Bean last night I have noticed that my phone is definitely slower than it used to be. The circles widget is way slower than it was on ICS when flipping through the "lenses" and also switching between homescreens is slow sometimes and there is lag. The app launcher is faster though. Is any one else experiencing this issue or should I ask Motorola for a new phone?
  10. fullerne

    fullerne Well-Known Member

    I can't say mine is slower in any way really. Generally seems a bit smoother. Haven't messed with the camera since update, but had no major problems with it before. I am really waiting to see if I get a bit of a battery bump in the next few days....that's what I would mainly like to see
  11. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Update to my initial observations from earlier in the day:

    After using the phone all day with the new JB on it I am still not noticing much of a difference in speeds. Definitely not any faster or smoother but like I said, ICS was always pretty fast and smooth for me. If anything I've noticed a few times when it seemed a little slower. There seem to be a couple more redraws than I'm used to seeing and those seemed slower but again, not by much.

    I have yet to have any program conflicts with the main programs I use. I poked around and there seemed to be a whole lot of added Google bloatware installed with JB - Google magazines, Google mp3 music or something. I got rid of them all. Also thanks to the poster with the tips about uninstalling updates and then getting rid of Verizon bloatware - that worked well.

    Battery seems about the same to me. At first it seemed to be going faster than usual, and then a little later is seemed slower. But after a solid 8-hour shift at work of streaming music, playing online chess, surfing fb & Tapatalk, and texting I'm still at 37% battery which is about right for that much use.

    I played with Google Now a little bit and it's okay but I'm not a real big Googler anyway. Probably the one new thing that I can say that I absolutely love is that the Back key changes to a down arrow key when the keyboard is open. Hitting this drops the keyboard out of the way. This is something that always annoyed me before so I love this feature.

    I have not noticed any difference in the performance of the Circles widget. My screen background is black in the recent apps button but I almost never use that function either and I honestly don't remember what it was the few times I used in ICS. I have not noticed less volume in my ringtones or notification sounds. I did notice that when I went in the check the sound levels that all of them were up to max. I generally back the notification one way off.

    I had never tried the little microphone speech to text button on the keyboard before so I tried it. At first it said 'Getting ready...' and had the microphone with a red slash through it. It took quite a while but it finally started working and worked surprisingly well. Subsequent tests of it worked much faster after the initial try.
  12. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    Welp......After installing, and messing around with JB for most of the day, I wasnt impressed. It seemed to lag a bit every now and then. I did 2 cache wipes, or whatever its called, and it seems much better now. About what it was on ICS, or a very little bit better. I DO NOT like how after a call ends, it takes you to the recent calls list, rather than the home screen, as it did before. The camera does seem to be a bit better with picture quality, with much better low light pics.
  13. pegs520

    pegs520 Well-Known Member

    It's getting super laggy for me. Putting a damper on my excitement over getting jb. Dammit.
  14. FussBoss

    FussBoss Well-Known Member

    If your phone is laggy after the update I would suggest doing a reset on the phone. I had the same issue with my OG RAZR after the update. When I did my reset the phone was pure amazing. But I am not having any issues on my MAXX HD now, so no need.

    But is it just me or do we seem to lose more features than gain with every update?
  15. AndroidLover22

    AndroidLover22 New Member

    Do you mean a hard reset because I haven't done that. I have clear cache partition it three times already though. Or did you just mean turn it off and on.
  16. FussBoss

    FussBoss Well-Known Member

    Hard factory reset with clearing cache. It worked like a charm for me and others. I already turned off the computer so I can't link you to the topic, but after the original RAZR got the update many people had random issues that were fixed after the reset - myself included. I was ready to do it on this phone but don't seem to be having any issues.
  17. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    One simple thing that appears to have been lost with this update is the Desk Clock option that I found very useful. It was part of the Circle Widget Clock function. When I would plug it in to recharge at night, press on the Circle Widget Clock it would bring up the set alarm function. Then I would hit the three vertical dots and one of the options was Desk Clock which would turn the screen into a simple desk clock display that when you touch the face of the phone would dim way down - perfect for when are sleeping. But now this appears to just be gone. Bummer. I'm sure its easily replaceable with an app but still...
  18. t0ked

    t0ked Member

    There is a separate Clock app that does this now. I actually prefer this as it is easier to set up with smart Actions.
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  19. JBHorner

    JBHorner Member

    I lost the ability to see messages on my car's multifunction display. It worked great with ICS, but not at all with JB. I'm pretty annoyed about this, as this was one of the reasons I bought the handset.

    Although I know I can revert back to ICS, I shouldn't have to. I'm going to call Verizon and ask them what they're going to do to resolve this. I've had the phone a little over two weeks.

    Also, it is laggy for me. I did the hard reset; it had absolutely no impact. I'm very surprised some of this isn't caught during the "soak tests." It tells me that either Motorola doesn't take the feedback from the soak testers (except for major issues), or the soak testers only participate because they want to play with a new release.

  20. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Yes - I see that now. I already went in and found an app called Dock Clock which is pretty nice and configurable so I guess I'll just use that for now and if there are any issues I'll get rid of it and add the Clock program to my Sleep SA.
  21. kishin14

    kishin14 Well-Known Member

    The black background in the recent app list may be a JB thing. I have it on my Nexus 7 as well.

    For those that are experiencing slow transitions on JB, i noticed that the update resets the speed preferences for window and transition animations as well as the animator speed back to the default 1.0x setting under developer options (in settings menu). Well it did on my phone anyway. I changed it back to 0.5x for all three settings and the transitions and window opening animations are back to being lightening quick.

    I still get the occasional lag from the stock launcher, but that probably more of a launcher issue than a JB one.
  22. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member Contributor

    One thing I hate is the Contacts is now with a white background that doesn't flow well with the stock dialer and messaging app.

    I am interested to see what response you get from Verizon. The problem with the soak test was they did it during the week for only 3 days then immediately following was the push from Verizon. I think the soak test should be longer with a weekend included. I don't think the purpose of this soak test was to fix bugs, but to make sure the update works and report bugs.
  23. Grecho

    Grecho Well-Known Member

    ive noiced stock keyboard issues, for example, after completing a word it no longer dispalys punctuation (ie. comma, period, question mark, exlmation point) and the keyboard in general seams laggy
  24. jwbeeler

    jwbeeler Well-Known Member

    Something I just noticed...if you long press on the clock, it dims even further.
  25. ORD84

    ORD84 Well-Known Member

    I'm overall liking some parts of the upgrade, the little bit of lag I had on ICS is gone but at the price of more bloatware? I mean wtf...why does Verizon suddenly think I need audible and 3/4 of the other bloat they package...its bullshit IMO

    Though I have been using it lightly/moderately I'm up to a day and a half of battery life and I still have 14% of my battery left lol

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