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  1. hotelarzm

    hotelarzm New Member

    Hey welcome guys,

    So i had jellybean 4.1.1 on for a while and everything was working perfectly fine for me unrooted phone(update cme over air once was realised). But sadly from few days my phone was kinda broken so i went to o2 store and they send it for repair.. On friday i got my phone back fixed and i was very happy to have it so quick and fixed but sadly they downgrade my software to android 4.0.2 and i have update my phone to 4.0.4 and now i got a msg once im going to system update "Your system is currently up to date" and im not getting jellybean update!? And im kinda desperated right now i was even trying to force update this way:

    clear data of Google Service Framework and check for update..

    And i did it like 200 times and still update is not there so im gone back to 4.0.4 and i don't know what to do ? How do i get update should i wait ? Will i get this update ? I was already so used to jellybean and so happy but now im gone back :(

    Pls help me out guys..
    thank you in advance

  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    I would definitely be taking the phone back to that store and insist they explain why they did not tell you why they downgraded your OS. At the very least they need to figure out how to get Jelly Bean back on your phone without installing a custom rom.
  3. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    Sounds like your phone has been changed from yakju to one of the versions of Android that aren't updated by Google. You can tell by going into the Maps app, select Settings>About and see what it lists under "Device". My guess is that you will need to flash yakju to your phone and then let it update again to Jellybean.
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  4. hotelarzm

    hotelarzm New Member

    Well they gave me letter with all the informations what they did.. o2 send it to samsung rapair centre and they "fixed the phone" indeed they did and i got short imformation about the software as well "We've also installed the latest O2-approved software* as part of our standard repair process. This should improve your phone's performance" Well so im gonna go thru their website to check if there is any more info as well and ill give it a week maybe ill get update thru the air as i had before. thanks mate
  5. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    And in the letter is the key, "the latest O2-approved software". I'm pretty sure O2 uses their own branded version of Android, and not the stock Android that is updated by Google. Again, to find out for sure, follow the instructions in my previous post.
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  6. hotelarzm

    hotelarzm New Member

    Device: samsung yakjuxw

    is it the right one to get jellybean ?
  7. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    No, you need "yakju". Here is a webpage that explains how you can change from yakjuxw to yakju.
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  8. hotelarzm

    hotelarzm New Member

    mogelijk you were compleatly right i used your link and i flashed from yakjuxw to yakju and i got my jelly bean back update cme straight away without any waiting!! well and i guess i can get back this damn yakjuxw and lock bootloader if my mobile will break down(but i hope is all fixed my problem was that my indicator was showing that is charging while unpluged well know probloem of nexus users) again cos im on 90 days warranty what u think ?

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