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[JELLYBEAN] Likes / Dislikes?General

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  1. Kwaydash

    Kwaydash Member

    What about flash for streaming? is that in Jelly Bean?

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Simply download the flash apk. You may already have it installed now
  3. VincentLui98

    VincentLui98 Guest

    The Google now 'On and Off' setting has already been set to off and every time I press on it, it prompts me to Press 'Yes I'm in' or 'maybe later'.

    Do I need to activate it and then turn it off or shall I leave it be and there won't be a drain either.
  4. Yatezy

    Yatezy Well-Known Member

    So far I like it, Google Now is pretty good and enjoy the smoothness of it. Although I'm using CheckROM so I don't know how much is also down to that.

    Just updated to the latest CheckROM which is based on one of the newest JB updates and that has gotten rid of the lock screen problem. I originally thought it was a problem with Widget Locker tbh but this update has resolved it.
  5. aldo82

    aldo82 Well-Known Member

    If you don't want to use ir then don't turn it on. It activates background location reporting and this is what I blieve drains the battery. If you do turn it on then decide not to use it, after switching off go to settings, go into your google account then Maps and Lattitude and you can switch off location reporting in there
  6. It's so smooth and seamless in comparison to ICS not that I had a problem with ICS but there's a definite difference with regards to screen transitions.

    I just switched off Google Now..it looks impressive but tbh I probably won't use it. I've only had it less than 24 hours but I am liking JB so far!
  7. BurnCK

    BurnCK Well-Known Member

    Not all that different from ICS but am liking it so far. More menu options, improved icons (such as folder icons), better notification bar, more standard widgets, etc.

    Haven't noticed much difference in battery usage...it may be better but it's certainly not worse from my point of view.

    So far so good.
  8. badboybubby

    badboybubby Well-Known Member

    Mainly good but docks don't work since JB.... No charging or aux out since JB
  9. andy9l

    andy9l Well-Known Member

    Google Now doesn't understand much in the UK. Asking if a football team won doesn't work, etc. Doesn't even understand "set an alarm in 15 minutes", or "set an alarm for 8:30 tomorrow". You can ask it various fact-style questions, or for weather info.

    Siri > GN in the UK for now, but it's just beginning so I suppose that's acceptable. As for the cards...all it does is tell me the weather and how far I am from home. I already know this, because I can see and I got to where I am so I'd hope that I know the way back.

    More gimmicks, smoother UI. That's JB.
  10. Wisheezy

    Wisheezy Well-Known Member

    really though? works really well for me when I tested a check for the champions league scores the other night

    infact I'm really impressed with Google Now atm it's going to be huge for Android for the future imo
  11. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Google now kicks the crap out of siri stateside. Can ask it about most any major sports team ( what's the score, when's the next game, who won the last game, who won last time the x played the y), to set alarms, reminders, navigate my by bus to x destination
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  12. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    The only thing I haven't figured out yet is ZOOM control. The web pages, etc.. seem extremely sensitive & it's a PIA. When I scroll up or down, the pages zoom to a ridiculous level. I've got the zoom level set on normal, but, the screen just seems way too sensitive.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Apparently,this is actually a feature, whether it's SAMSUNG or the O/S, I don't know. Anyway, running your thumb/finger up & down either edge of the screen zooms the screen in & out.
    I hope there's some adjustment/checkbox to kill this, it's annoying, as my thumb naturally drags along the edge of the screen when I'm scrolling.

    Again, any suggestions are welcome..

  13. ahmoda

    ahmoda Member

    I Like JB ,

    but I have only one problem... When I enable Blocking Mood , the calls and messages and emails will be in silent , but the other notifications for Whats App , Facebook , Viber will still come with sounds ...!!!!!!!

    any one facing the same problem?!!!
  14. GoldenDiamond

    GoldenDiamond Well-Known Member

    everything is fine with JB. running touchwiz skin on top.
    the phone was pretty smooth before and now, it's so smooth, I don't even notice the difference between it and ICS.

    Google now is a drain but it takes me 90 +/- 15 minutes to get to school so it's a nice reminder to leave the house on time.
    +1 for google now
  15. andy9l

    andy9l Well-Known Member

    Didn't understand "did Liverpool win last night?" (not a fan just a test I did a couple of days ago!) - it just Googled that phrase. Also, ask it to set an alarm for tomorrow...that's really pathetic.

    It's not as good as Siri, but it's not really bad.
  16. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Might be a browser issue. I use chrome before and after the update to jellybean and zoom operation remains the same. May be worth testing another browser to see if the issue goes away or not. If it DOES go away, maybe a clear data on the stock browser will help? Backup bookmarks first though
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  17. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    The zoom issues actually persist while using the PHANDROID application as well.The problem also is present in the stock browser & DOLPHIN.

    I'll try clearing the data on the stock browser & see what happens.

    BTW,& pardon moi for my ignorance on this zoom issue:confused:,but,is this 'zoom feature' part of JB/Project Butter?
    The reason I ask is that it seems a bit redundant(if it is indeed a feature) because the zoom controls still exist in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

  18. Damar1979

    Damar1979 Well-Known Member

    Is there any way of using the home button to use Google now to replace s voice?
  19. Johnny Cakes

    Johnny Cakes Well-Known Member

    Could this be a problem with your contact? Like the name doesn't match exactly or there are multiple matches?

    Our business doesn't text, but at least with emails, I can say "email Rob, I will be there in ten." A dialog pops up with the message and destination (Rob's details), along with a short timer. If I don't cancel within the timer range, the email is automatically sent. Again, it doesn't work unless it can uniquely identify the contact.
  20. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Pinch to zoom works in many apps and always has done. Is your issue that pinch to zoom is too sensitive now? That's what I thought. Or is it that pinch to zoom works at all? Not sure I follow now
  21. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    It's too sensitive when scrolling. It's not pinch to zoom, just natural scrolling w/your thumb, especially w/one-handed scrolling, that zooms the screen, as my thumb barely rubs along the edge of the screen.

    Upon further review, it seems to be the stock browser & the PHANDROID application that this is the case, especially the PHANDROID application.

    I have found that using a phone case that has a lip around the outer edges of the sides of the screen prevents the accidental zooming, however, I'd like to be able to control this exaggerated zooming, if possible.
  22. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm sorry I don't understand. The scrolling also zooms?
  23. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Pretty much,yes.Try it out for yourself.Run your finger along the edge of the phone & see if it zooms.That's what mine does w/the stock browser & PHANDROID app.

    If I scroll directly in the middle of the screen,it doesn't zoom,but,if I scroll anywhere near the edge of the screen,the screen image zooms.
  24. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I can't reproduce this.
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  25. Yatezy

    Yatezy Well-Known Member

    Based on current form you don't even need to Google that, the answer shall be no ;)

    From a disgruntled Liverpool fan

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