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jellybean on sgs2 skyrocket?General

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  1. mdmk123

    mdmk123 Active Member

    Does anyone know if the sgs2 skyrocket will be getting jellybean update. If so, when?

  2. RobMelone

    RobMelone Member

    That is the $64K question. We're suppose to be getting it later this year but no official release date has been announced.
  3. TgeekB

    TgeekB Well-Known Member

    By that time the SGS4 will be out.
  4. ad2435

    ad2435 Well-Known Member

    the skyrocket will be 2 years old this fall which means it will be eligible for retirement.
  5. Skyrocketman

    Skyrocketman New Member

    I believe I already updated to the Jellybean on my Skyrocket. That was around Christmas. I was told the update I received from Samsung over the wifi was the jellybean. Check it out.
  6. ad2435

    ad2435 Well-Known Member

    goto settings / about phone / android version

    4.0.* = ice cream sandwich
    4.1.* = jelly bean
    4.2.* = jelly bean "new flavor"

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