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Jellybean -- RUN! AWAY!General

  1. hawkmoth42

    hawkmoth42 Member

    UPDATED: Well fiddlesticks. I've done some more research, and found that a factory reset will not roll back to ICS. Samsung itself will not help out, will not even admit that the phone can be taken back to an old OS.
    I've been directed to a site where I can get a download to flash the ROM back to ICS, but of course this will void the warranty. This much the Samsung "helpline" would tell me. Although as I said, they left me no other option. All below is still why I'm on this quest.

    About to do a hard factory reset on my Samsung Note 1. :mad: It was a beautiful piece of machinery when I bought it. Slick as all H$!!, fast, simple, intuitive - and the inputs (pen, touchscreen, keyboard) were all easy to use. Jellybean has taken almost every reason and feature that made me buy and love this device, and thrown it in the trash. Examples of things they changed (beyond taking away the nifty little picture editor that worked right from the camera or the gallery):
    • No more swipe to call/text - you used to be able to choose a contact from anywhere (contacts, call list, messages) and simply swipe right to call, left to message. One motion. Now, you have to choose the contact, and depending on how you're accessing the contact either perform one or two other steps that require your eyes on the device.
    • Two step unlock for the phone. Swipe the little ripple screen and then enter your lock pattern. And the device locks constantly. I've tried setting the lock timeout to longer, but it seems to have a mind of its own.
    • Can't turn off or disable some of the things I used to for better speed performance and battery life
    • The way contacts work (linking contacts, editing, etc.) has changed somewhat, and is a little less intuitive.
    • The keyboard now "defaults" to either the pen input or keyboard input depending on whether you use the pen to select the input area or your finger. I used to like to be able to use my finger to write on the pen screen, without having to pull out the pen. This was for quick, short notes or messages - and allowed one handed operation. Now I have to pull the pen so the device recognizes it, and by then I might as well use it.
    • The keyboard changed, and is less useful now. It is harder now to switch between pen text input, symbols and numbers. You have to select/confirm what you've input so far, or as soon as you switch to symbol or number, it erases. PLUS - the overall handwriting recognition has gone down. I have to rewrite things far more than before.
    • You also can't switch between text input and keyboard on the fly. You have to back out and then come back in by using the pen or your finger.
    • THE WHOLE THING IS AS SLOW AS MOLASSES. It's laggy, slow to respond, and just locks up for no reason. Forget trying to do two things at once any more.
    • Battery life was cut almost in half. HALF!! WTF! :confused::confused:

    Today was the last straw. It failed to function AS A PHONE. That's it. Hard factory reset to ICS. I don't care if I have to reinstall every single app, and redo all my preferences.

  2. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    I hope that all went well when you rolled back to ICS!! :)
  3. alfie-gee

    alfie-gee Member

  4. newbie4

    newbie4 Well-Known Member

    well I must agree with the picture thing editor. still out on battery life. but ask the rest is easy to do if you read. now you put the contract on screen lift to ear and phone call them

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