Jerry Buss Died

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  1. saptech

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  2. MoodyBlues

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    I've known this was coming because the local news has been all over his hospitalization, saying he was 'gravely ill'--and we know what that means.

    When I was taking General Chemistry in college, I learned about something [which my few remaining functioning brain cells can't recall now] with 'Buss' in its name. And I was like, wait, Buss? as in Dr Jerry Buss? Yep, that's the one! A brilliant man, both in chemistry and basketball. His idiot son has made some of the worst moves in Lakers franchise history...and now that's all we'll be seeing.

    RIP, Dr Buss. :(
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  3. mysticspiral

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    just poppin in to say hello.
  4. Ricky Babalu

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    Huge Laker Fan, been a fan since they got Magic Johnson. I do have to disagree with your statement that his son is an idiot. He and his daughter have been actively "running the show" with guidance and consulting from their father for some time now. Bynum was one of the first acquisitions as well as Gasol. They pulled off a trade for C. Paul which through no fault of their own was nixed by the commissioner. They acquired D. Howard and Nash, while it has not panned out yet they are active trades and acquisitions to better the team, all by The "Idiot" son. I think with Jeannie, Jim, Kupchak, and I suspect now Phil Jackson to some extent will be in good hands. I think his son gets a bad rap.
  5. MoodyBlues

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    Sorry, but this whole DISASTROUS season is proof that Jim doesn't know what he's doing. They had Phil Jackson THIS CLOSE to returning as coach, then picked D'Antoni instead--and you know how that's working out. Can you say worst season in decades? Can you say missing the playoffs? This wouldn't be happening if Jackson had come back as coach.

    I have no problem with Jeanie Buss. She's very good at what she does, but with Jim making moronic decisions like hiring D'Antoni, the future's not looking good.

    With the current roster this should've been an EASY 60+ win season. I mean 65, 66 wins, easily. And with Phil at the helm it most likely would've been.'s going to be a long summer.
  6. ocnbrze

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    watching the Jerry Buss memorial now and it is amazing to hear some of his colleagues, players and family talk about him. i know that this city will miss him. i too will hope that his kids will keep in honoring him and strive to bring in another championship soon....but lets keep this back about celebrating on DR. Jerry Buss's legacy.

    i wish i was at the game last night. the celebration of his life before the game looked amazing on tv. not to mention that the game was amazing to.

    i might try and see if i can get away this weekend and go to LA Live and see if the wall is still up to sign.

    thanx Dr. Jerry Buss for bringing Showtime to LA!!!!!
  7. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues - Crazy peacock person -

    I'm watching it in its entirety right now. I recorded it because Mom's hospice nurse arrived right as it was about to start. I've been in and out of Mom's room, and although I had it on in there, too, I only really caught bits and pieces. Right now, Shaq's talking. Damn, I miss the Shaq/Kobe/Derek/Horry years. :(

    We have been BLESSED when it comes to sports. The greatest NBA and MLB announcers, the greatest players, the greatest owners. The NBA *LOGO* for heaven's sake. :D

    Me too.

    Beating the dreaded green is always sweet, but last night's game was special.

    If you do and if it is, how about snapping some pics and posting them here?

    Yes indeed...
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