Jesurun J17 Android 4.0 Media Player - ROM needed

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  1. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

    I need a copy of the original ROM used in this box. Can you please help me find one or instruct me how to extract the ROM from the box itself. (Box is new and has no problem. I need the ROM copy in case i run into problem later on)




    Operating SystemAndroid 4.0
    ChipsetAllwinner A10
    Processor Frequency
    DDR3 1GB

  2. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

    Any help is appreciated!
  3. ez2kal

    ez2kal Member

    never mind i got from another supplier.
  4. hmvs

    hmvs Active Member

    Could u please share it? I have screwed up my box :( And waste all the day to find another ROM.
    Btw minix plus ROM isn't worked for me... But from ROM from mele a1000 flashed ok, but camera isn't working, probably because mele a1000 hasn't camera.
    So hope for yours help.
  5. hmvs

    hmvs Active Member

    Hi guys, i have got stock ROM for this device. ez2kal didn't wanted to share his ROM, he wanted to sell ROM for 10$ ))) So i managed to get it from another source for free.
    So probably i should share the ROM to prevent of his speculations :)
    Here is tool for write (PhoenixCard): PhoenixCard
    And ROM: ROM

    Instructions u can google for instance for MELE a1000.
  6. deev2sar

    deev2sar New Member

    Hi hmvs

    Thanks for sharing, but would you mind to ad some instruction how to upload the rom into box?

    My problem is, after i installed and run an app named "quick shut down" on my new box, it messed up thing and the box loader doesn't work well and when i turn the box on, it freezes on ANDROID logo which comes after the very first green android picture.

    I tried to copy the ROM on an SD card and boot the box with that, but it seems it does not do the work!, the box doesn't boot from SD card. I tried connecting the box to PC to use livesuit to upload the ROM into box, but i cant make the pc to see the box (i already have the DRIVERS inside the live suite pack) i just need to know what i should do that this box to be seen/recognized as mass storage or something with pc, so that i can install the drivers and have it connected with my pc to upload the image.

    I even tries opening the box to look for any reset button or internal USB connectors to use, but i could just find one button (see it in the attached picture) and didn't know how it is supposed to be used!



    Can you or can anyone help here please?

    Also i have no idea what PhoenixCard you have added here is used for in regard to this box.

  7. hmvs

    hmvs Active Member

    Hi deev2sar,

    Put the SD card into your reader in PC.
    1) Unpack both archives. In one you have phoenixcard, you need to run phoenixcard program in windows pc.
    2) Just open the PhoenixCard program and choose the .img file from second archive.
    3) Choose "Product"select box, and choose the drive where your SD reader is.
    4) And then press Burn.
    5) Wait until it finishes
    6) Turn off tvbox
    7) Put this sdcard into android tvbox
    8) Turn on tv box
    9) Red light should blink, wait until it finish blinking
    10) Get out sd card from tvbox
    11) Done? Ask me if not....
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  8. deev2sar

    deev2sar New Member

    Thank you so much! It worked!

    Have a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it) and happy holidays!
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  9. deev2sar

    deev2sar New Member

    Just an update for this box.

    The box itself is doing a good job. the only problem is the flying mouse comes with this box. It is a TERRIBLE flying mouse you can imagine. This box comes with 2 remote control choices. regular remote and flying mouse. I suggest buy this box with just regular remote. later you can buy a separate flying mouse like: Meassy Flying Mouse which works excellent.
  10. ethook

    ethook New Member

    Hi, I just found this thread, but the link is dead; would you upload those again?
  11. hmvs

    hmvs Active Member

    Will do it tomorow
  12. hmvs

    hmvs Active Member

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