JIBwich 1.3 Missing PlayStore and GmailSupport

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  1. Ron574

    Ron574 New Member

    Good Morning Android fans,

    So I finally rooted my phone and installed the ClockworkMod with all the other necessary apps for Rooting. (via the Cynogenmod guide/wiki: wiki.cyanogenmod. com /wiki/TMobile_G2:_Rooting)

    However, during the process since it said installing Apps was optional, I just skipped it and figured I'd download everything I needed from Google Playstore.

    So I finally install this wonderful JIBWich 1.3 (2.0 seemed too unstable) and boot up, and everything is working GREAT.... Except NO PLAY STORE.

    I try to go back and install my GApps .zip file, but no matter what, playstore and gmail will not install and show up withint JIBWich App Menu...

    So I try to manually install by Googling "Play Store" and downloading the .apk files. But alas, none of them will actually work and just come up with errors and close after they install.

    Now I have no Google Gmail, Gtalk, or Playstore- the 3 apps I need most.... Any suggestions on how to actually install these and get them to WORK?

    Or do I have to reflash the entire phone, install Gapps, then reinstall JIBWich? Will this even work? I'd hate to reflash and lose everything I have already setup, just to see that I still have no Play Store....

    Thanks ahead of time for your help.

  2. Ron574

    Ron574 New Member

    Sorry I meant to post this in the /All Things Root/ Sub-forum... if any1 is kind enough to move it for me..... thx again.
  3. Ron574

    Ron574 New Member

    Yeaaaaaahhhh forget it... Just reinstalled Cyanogen Mod 9.1 w/ Gapps and it worked perfectly....

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