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  1. LinkUp Inc

    LinkUp Inc New Member

    LinkUp's "Job Search Engine" application bring the web's highest quality, fastest growing job search engine to your Android. The app allows you to search job listings that are found exclusively on company websites. As a result, the jobs on LinkUp's "Job Search Engine" app and are always current, often unadvertised, and never fake.

    The app features:

    • Basic & advanced search
    • Saved search history
    • Email job alerts
    • RSS-bookmarking of favorite jobs
    Download the application with this QRCode:



  2. ecaron

    ecaron New Member

    I had to use this QR code - from LinkUp's site - because my camera wasn't good enough to scan that first image. But it is a great app! My "New Year Resolution" is to help at least 1 person/month find a job, so I'll be showing people this app to try and keep that resolution.
  3. gwagner

    gwagner New Member

    I was looking through these forums trying to find any useful apps for my G1. I stumbled across this app and it really is pretty useful. i would suggest checking it out even if you already have a job. cleanest results i have found from any job search to date.

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