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Jogging with Droid

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  1. ronjcar

    ronjcar Well-Known Member

    Now that the weather is turning nice, it is time to start jogging again outside. I am using Cardio Trainer to track my runs. Couple of questions:

    Does anyone use a better program? Or is it better to pay for the upgraded version?

    Has anyone found a way to attach the Droid to their arm or waist?

    Where is the GPS antenna located? If my wife makes me a arm band for it I want to be able to have that portion of my phone exposed.


  2. PreciousMetal

    PreciousMetal Member

    Well, this smart phone has excelerometers so an armband mount may actually damage it. Thats just speculation btw.
    The GPS frequency is 1100mhz and higher. Unless its made of lead i dont think that fabric will interfer.
  3. clintiepoo

    clintiepoo Well-Known Member

  4. ceruti82

    ceruti82 Well-Known Member

    ive used BUDDY RUNNER app. works good. tracks distance, pace, time, calories, maps route using GPS. Droid fits in most iPhone arm band cases. it is a bit heavy, tends to slide down my arm a little.. but doable.

    iPod haters look away>>>> in all honesty, if you have an ipod nano or touch, the nike+ sensor is a much better way to go. the online nike running site is really awesome, can have an online coach, take part in challenges, much more user interactive, and fun!
  5. Bogie

    Bogie Well-Known Member

    I keep my Droid in its side holster when I am jogging and the GPS with cardio trainer works great. The only problem I have with Cardio Trainer is if I get a call while running the music turns off.
  6. kg6epf

    kg6epf Well-Known Member

    I would expect my phone to do this, but if you don't want calls during your run, try switching to Airplane Mode.
  7. baa269

    baa269 Well-Known Member

    wait a month or so and use run keeper. Friend of mine i went to school with is on the developement team and they are developing a version for android.. they just got their test phones and are in the process of learning the system and codes to get it right. if they release a beta i will post it up for all to test.
  8. Bogie

    Bogie Well-Known Member

    Won't that disable the GPS though?
  9. Gunner

    Gunner Well-Known Member

    Yes it disables the GPS. I've been looking for a way to disable all radios except GPS, but have yet to find anything. My old WinMo phone could do that.
  10. PowerTools

    PowerTools Member

    I, too, use My Tracks for recording my cycling routes. It records all I really care about and uploads to Google Docs and Google My Maps. There are lots of other apps that record more, but by using Google Docs it is one less login for me to remember.

    While riding, I keep the phone on the bike to give it better access to the sky. This seems to have improved accuracy quite a bit. By accuracy, I mean that I used to keep the phone in my chest pocket, but kept getting really odd results like speeds of 1,000+ mph. Although this is funny to show to my friends, it means that the entire route is goofed up and none of the averages are useful. By keeping the phone on the bike, I have had much better matches with other riders' records.

    I've also noticed that I get longer battery life now that I have the phone on the bike. Perhaps it is not using as much power searching for satellites.
  11. RadOD

    RadOD Active Member

    I like Cardiotrainer the best but I always make sure it has a GPS fix before starting a run. Once it has one it seems to be fine. Once I ran to Missouri at 15,000 kph!

    Any iphone armband will work - its close enough to the same size. Power button hole is a little off but iphone accessories are so easy to find.
  12. chase

    chase Member

    I use sportypal, I like it so far. I don't think anyone has mentioned it.
  13. screamster

    screamster Well-Known Member

  14. notmargaret

    notmargaret New Member

    I've used Cardio Trainer, but the GPS is very buggy which defeats the purpose of the app. How do I fix that? I really like that Cardio Trainer talks to me while I run - tells me my distance and pace. Otherwise, to check that mid-run, I have to take out my Droid, unlock it, squint at the screen in the sunlight ...

    My current favorite running app is My Tracks. It maps your route as you go, keeps track of your time and calculates your pace, your fastest pace and your "moving" pace, and also changes in elevation. And you can send your runs to Google Docs, which is nice.

    I have a bunch of similar apps downloaded to my phone, and I usually try out a new one each time I go out running. I've used Jog Tracker a few times but it's very basic - just a map, your distance and your time. I don't think it could do anything else.

    Also, I have a small fanny pack that I bought at Target years ago when I went on a cruise so I could have some hands-free sight-seeing. I use it during my runs when I don't have pockets. It's large enough to hold my Droid, my keys and maybe some chapstick, but not much else. It's small enough that it doesn't look anything like those cheesy fanny packs from the 1980s.
  15. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Well-Known Member

    It seems to work okay on my Droid. After turning Airplane mode on I go to the Power Control widget and turn on GPS (the same thing I do on Delta to enable wi-fi in the air)
  16. mr squabadoo

    mr squabadoo New Member

    I'm on contract with tmobile, but want an android phone to use as an mp3 player for joggs, bike rides, etc.

    Nokia Xperia phones, like the active which is waterproof :0 - are out of the question because I want 3g speed on tmobile.

    Now looking at the at&t rugby...

    any suggestions?


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