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Join the Facebook Group for Micromax A75 users :)General

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  1. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    As created for A70 , A60 , and many other phones !
    I just created one for A75 also !!

    Plz no development on Facebook group ...
    All development stuff WILL be done on the forumes ...
    the FB group is just for general support and discussion, and release stuff
    But all bug fixing and other stuff should be Done on the forums only :)

    As id done on FB ( like it started abt A60 grp, it becomes impossible to trace the current development ) ..

    Guys what r u waiting for ;)
    Just hit this link : Facebook A75 Group

    And add your self as a member :p

  2. Hey man, please accept me at the group. My facebook name is Kautsar Albana. I have more question to ask there~

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